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A collaboration between Cheezie Spaz and Kyo-chan!

Recent Comments

I feel so sorry!
i'd hate to be in skitty's shoes at that moment.
July 27th, 2010
hehe, nice comic so far. fav'd.
O_o run skitty run
June 28th, 2010
Next Time on Wailord x Skitty: How Interbreeding Works! Don't miss it!
more filler untill we figure out what we're gonna do with this comic
GASP. but it's epic! D: How could he/she?! *bad at discerning gender from usernames*
i was busy with school (D)
I left because you never posted your supposedly second page (d)
Well I guess being redone would probably be better than never updating anyway
that poor unfortunate Persian has me for a trainer on SoulSilver lol. i never name my pokemon any good names just stupid ridiculous names xD

so anyway, epic pokemon will be undergoing some changes and by changes i mean... possibly be completely redone becuase.. FLUFFY LEFT ON US D: so yeah me and koko are the only authors left. i wanna do something with this comic and i dunno about her yet. what im thinking is just turn it into random shit comics like this one xD

so due to lack of a third author who made this comic in the first place koko and i have some thinking to do.
Jolteon: that your a psyco
well fluff you kept bugging me to so here you go xD
:0 I was gonna update :3
I think Chuck and Pup wants to eat the flowers >.>
yey i live! the comic lives! yeeeeeeeeeeeey! i have a few more pages to draw out after this. so hold tight
lmao u know there was a gang called the gaylords? (they werent gay, idk why they where called that lmao)
It seems the farther we go in the comic, the crazier and funnier Fluffy seems to get XD
Gaylord is pure eviiiiiil! KILL IT! KILL IT WITH FIYAH! Erhrm. Anyway... um...? *poof*
it haunts me every night, that he beat me T.T