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What if you realized that life was just a huge show for those "up there" to watch?


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hehe!! "cool"
That is freaky, I have often felt a bit like that!
Fang Shinobi
December 30th, 2010
Ahaha, still cute by me.
Fang Shinobi
December 30th, 2010
Aha, cute little thing. ^^,
Holly is awesome jaja
I would like be holly when i grow up jajajaaja
holly makes the best facial expressions, with what little of a face they have XD i love that bottom panel on the left as well, the eyes in the background make it look so good.
eeee the little feet in the first panel! so cute *w*
LOL at Holly's last expression. No, Holly, she was not thinking about your David-esque butt. <3 Probably.
Holly's just too cute <3
I am a fan of this page, very cute :3
So interesting ~
ouo I love this comic so far.
Fun fact: Holly has a butt that resembles Michelangelo's "David".
I'm not that fond of this page... :C

@novembertree- Awww thanks <3
@FrostedWaffle- Be ready for more cuteness then!
@supervillian- I know right? Without Holly I don't know what kind of comic this would be LMAO.
@emruki- LOL YOURE SPOILING THE NEXT PAGE!. But UNNF that's what I'm thinking about too ;D
September 25th, 2010
ADORABLE!!! <333333
September 25th, 2010
Pg 19 will be posted tm and pg 20 will be posted the day after that XD. I hate this page, but I don't want to touch it again. And its so boring too OTL.
Also I have night classes on Tuesdays so I'm missing Glee. :C
Aww....I like her face in the last panel.

I want one as a pet! waahhh!!!!
she has the most beautiful clothes <3 i want her shoes, they're so cute!
d'awww holly is so cute! even when she's trying to be scary!
August 27th, 2010
the colouring in these pages is so delicate and pretty <3 i love the way you draw the eyes as well.
Haha, cute XD
I want one.