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Currently with bonus Hiatus choose-your-own-adventure Christmas and new year's special.

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>jump into the fire........ and be perfectly fine
or a second option
> stab the door
Now to rethink your options, guys.
> Drag your fridge into the TV Room
> Set up the PS3
> Play the PS3 until you get bored and/or run out of snacks
> Snack Break
> Resume Playing
> Bathroom Break
> Suddenly realize you're out of food
> Try to escape by flushing yourself down the toilet
take Firfepoker

Go back to tree room

take tree

return to the fireplace room

throw tree to the fire

And so Kir is in the fireplace room.
By the way, Ate and Rooster are asleep in the next West room, so no more West for you.
-Turn the oven on.
-Check the fridge
-Take the star, you're gonna need it to become all colorful

-Try the other door.
As a side note, could I get more than one task please? Kaythanks
>Makke a Box Hat
Way to go SB1, you locked Kir in his house.
What should he do now?
December 24th, 2009
chaka wow?
that only reminds me of bow chaka wow wow!
>Head to the Christmas tree and open ALL the presents, even those that don't belong to you, then do the same in the neighbors' houses
Welcome to the Kir and Rick Christmas bonus!
Up until new year's day I will be running this Choose-your-own-Christmas-and-new-year's.
Updates every day except new year's night where (hopefully) it will have hourly updates.

Now, what should Kir do on Christmas morning?
I guess my Jam and Posty version really freaked you out, then.. :P
That's Blue and TicTacToeMan who can get coloured pictures instead.
Anyone with an unshown cameo yet can get a coloured drawing instead.
October 13th, 2009
I'll just shorten this chapter... on Friday
I already thought of a name, but thanks anyway.
October 11th, 2009
I bet no one's going to get this reference, but you should name it Afterschool Teatime.