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This is a part of my project, a remake of the Arthurian legends, The Noble Book of King Arthur. This parts deal with the five nephews of Arthur finally falling out; and this is the start of the fall of Camelot.


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OK, this is the last page I can upload today - I'll be away for awhile in Thailand. Please enjoy! :)
This starts with Percival recalling what had happened during the end of the Quest of the Holy Grail.
An old sketch of Mordred made as a splash page for this series.
Who 'have not returned, or may not return forever'? If you're familiar with Arthurian Legends, I bet you can name some...
l-r: Kay, Gareth, Gawain, Gaheris, Mordred
sitting: Agravaine

BTW, there's another branch of The Noble Book of Arthur, called The Wicked Book of Arthur - gags and short stories featuring the knights! Try to read it also :)
I like this page more than I do the first introduction page...
Since this comic should have been the 54576th part of the Arthurian legends, I thought I had to make some introduction pages, to let the readers know the characters of this series. I'm not really satisfied with how the colours on this one came out, though...
One person here has undergone a massive re-designing: Ulfius the Chamberlain. He originally wore a steel mask, but I'm tired of people asking "What is THAT?" So I decided to revamp him up.

I had so much fun designing Palamides the Saracen, combining Arabian costume with a punk touch. And make up, if I can make it right...

And I like drawing uncles ;)
This is the guide I use as a reference to draw the characters. As you can see, most of the characters are male ^^;;;; Can't help it, it was a story of kings and knights.

Some of the designs have been there since the beginning, with only little alterations -Arthur, for instance, naturally. But other characters were added up later (Tor, for instance), or even so much later (Lamorak, for instance).
Sorry! Just the cover for now.
I'm still working on the first pages, so all that I can give you right now is the cover. And this art is a bit old, actually.

This shows the five nephews of Arthur, sons of Morgause: Gawain, Gareth, Mordred, Gaheris, and Agravaine.

Check back later for the comic! m(_ _)m