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What happens when three people fail to comunicate on a project where they all do separate parts? Usually unco-ordianted gibberish.
But this is co-ordinated gibberish. One person makes up a concept, another draws said concept without adding dialogue and the third adds dialogue unaware of the original concept. It makes more sense when you see a page.

And anyone can sign up too, just head over to the forum thread here:

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I can probably let you live IDONTKNOWCORP. ^_^
Naw, that link is another story.
The Story for this one is still to be drawn, and doesn't involve mairmaids, but someone else craving for lots and lots of Water.
And Normally it should have been a Headbutt(which is funnier than an elbow...)
Don't kill me.
And here it is! The... next page of our project.

This page features
a concept by KEYLover_The_Butcher which was basically about mermaids, (and also has a story you can visit on his deviantART page )

art by Ursula Minor who also has her own comic here:

and dialogue from IDONTKNOWCORP who seemed to incorporate a falling theme into the dialogue.

And as always if you're interested, you too can join by PMing me or going to the forum thread:
... Well, I still mixed up day and night. I didn't notice the Sun...
Here we go again!
This one features the concept by yours truly which was:
"Someone is a super hero by day but secretly works as a bank teller by night and can't let anyone know about his hidden night life."
amiko_16 drew the page out and managed to tell it very well.
And with dialogue by KEYLover_The_Butcher who get it EXACTLY right AND threw in innuendo and a The Office reference. Nice :D

And as always if you're interested, you too can join by PMing me or going to the forum thread:
wat o_o
So here's our next page, with a concept by MacSimon that was VERY detailed, but the gist of it was basically a kid & ghost playing soccer until the ball ends up over a cliff where an enormous monster appears..
It was drawn by Jules who actually worked with me on the original page of the comic on Drunkduck I stole this idea from. :D
And I myself did the dialogue, I honestly have no idea what the concept was. But i think that the goalie may have actually been a ghost in retrospect. You can see more by me in my rotating author comic with Bowserknight called Four More Crystals:

And as always if you're interested, you too can join by PMing me or going to the forum thread:

Apologies to Jules for scaling up the picture and making it look pixel-y but the writing was a bit hard to read at normal size.

Also for those who missed it on the last comic. You can see horse_chic11's (who did the dialogue on the last page) comic here:
Yeah... XD
I needed to fill a small-ish speech bubble, and... There are people who say the directions as they do them, so yeah. XD That's what resulted. >.<
Oh, thanks. ^^
And yeah, that's okay about the smallness. XD I think it was bigger when you sent it to me, for some reason, and then it got slightly smaller when I saved it and brought it up in Paint shop pro? It was weird. XD

Lol. Nice. >.< Finally, Yugoslavia shall be protected! XD

Yeah, that'd be fun. >.<
That totally should happen!

LOL, it's into it's third comic and there's already an idea for a spin-off.
*eagerly awaits the birth of the Adventures of Chuck Norris and his RoboBUDDY (BUDDY stands for Biomechanical Utility Device Defending Yugoslavia)*

I suppose someone should continue the chuck norris saga? Only, the next one would be the dramatic conclusion?
And here we have page the third completed!

This page had a concept by Kazuuu, but crossed wires mean he continued with the saga of Chuck Norris.
After a curious incident of a dog in the bathroom granmastern agreed to draw this page.
And horse_chic11 added the dramatic dialogue, you can check out more of her stuff here too:

You too can join by PMing me or going to the forum thread:

So until next page all there's left to say is keep watching, same irregular time, same irregular comic!
Yeah, hush_sound it's your call really. I didn't put any because that allows the person doing the dialogue to decide who talks and when but you don't have to do the same thing if you don't want to.

Ah sorry The_Butcher >.<, I wasn't sure about that one really so I just went with my instinct.
I didn't have any. I send the Dialouge back.
The: "What is Zis" Comes from the French Pokemon trainer, not the Farfetch'd.
Preussians don't have french Accents.
"We ar' so Pooar, we don't 'ave an own langu'age only zis stupide acc'ont!"
Oh, and I just found out we did it four times.(Invading through Belgium, I forgot that we did it already in the Napoleon Wars.)
Haha, yeah but it wasn't an intentional change, I just forgot. (oh yeah grey squirrels, forgot about them...)

It's not a problem, that's the good thing about doing multiple pages at once, you're not stuck if one page takes a bit longer.
Hooray! Page the second is here!
Sorry about the delay with this, I was in exams so I was slow drawing and finishing it up after all that stuff too...

Anyway, this concept was by granmastern who suggested:
"A squirrel wearing a kaiser hat attempts to rob a bank, a bad pokemon trainer is in the bank."
I drew the page, and was halfway through when I realised I'd done a duck instead by accident (I think because I like squirrels, but I distrust ducks...)
And KEYLover_The_Butcher made this into a european Pokémon thing. (presumably mistaking the kaiser duck for Farfetch'd)

Now, we want YOU! to take part in this project. (yes, specifically you). As always you can join by PMing me or going to the forum thread:
That's epic!!!
I love this!