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A young man leaves to go into the forest to collect wood one day... and is faced with a Forest Spirit...


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Love how he just goes along with it
Scary eyes but awesome!!!
That was a great, sweet story. :D Loved it!
Jag älskar verkligen hur du ritar! Så snyggt, synd att den är så kort T__T Jag vill ha mer! ^^
Sadface. :(
But it was really good!
Lol, they look like Jakob and Gabriel. Their child?? XD
It's about that deep inside he is homosexual. I personally don't believe in the uke/seme thing. Like all lovers, variation is the spice of life.
*cries in corner* I love this so much....Im kinda sad it ended
wow..., about a reality check
That was a wonderful (although rather short to me) comic. I have a hard time understanding why this has so few fans. This is some beautiful work you've done here.
I really like this comic. :D
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MORE..*cries in corner* Im sooo faving
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Line art. Lovin' it!
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Page 4 out of 13