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A collection of gags and short stories with lighter tone from The Noble Book of Arthur, my attempt of remaking the Arthurian legends.

Meet the knights and laugh with them!


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Oh my! Now I need more! Your arthurian comics are lovely and original <3
Thank you dearrr!!! Yes, yes, I will work harder to bring you more comic! XD
OMG this comic is so cute XD Keep it up!
OK, this is the end of 'A Yuletide Cheap Romance'! Please wait for other stories featuring the knights! :)
Just to remind you once again, Percival and Gawain's relationship are explored in more depth in Funeral Pyre... ;P
'Baru sadar' means 'realising too late' :D
Oww! And on this one' 'oom jadi tambah senang' has not been translated also! :D He was saying something like 'This old pervert becomes even happier'.
Oh, the sound effect is still in Indonesian... :D
This was made for a Comic Festival in Ancol. I forgot whether my friends distributed this for free or what... :D
So this is the general cover for all the stories. The foot on the left is Sir Uwaine's; the guy clad in blue is Sir Kay; the blond one is Sir Gareth the Kitchen Knight; while the one sleeping is Sir Tristram. Yes, of the Tristram and Iseult fame :)

For more characters, you can check Funeral Pyre, the part of the Noble Book of Arthur with heavier, more serious tone.