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this comic is obviously in limbo mode,
sorry guys :c


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Despite the fact that this comic's on hold I'm still excited for the see what happens next. This is seriously a great comic, but I also understand that planning for such an awesome comic takes time and sometimes the 'idea pool' is often dry.
I wish you would update the comic! It's so good!
Please keep writing this, or I will cry
WOW!!! this is absolutely AMAZING!!!!! i cannot wait for the next installments. And congrats on the nomination! you deserve it!
If you are having a writers' block, I suggest you write small stories. It's what I do if I can't think of anything to put in.
no more? i am sad! :(
this reminds me of 07 Ghosts and how those things would give the people three wishes-
Anyway, this is really good. ^-^
omigish, this is awesome!
Erm... Polka? :D Wiedzia³am, zawsze jak widzê jakie¶ ¶wietne rysunki, to okazuje siê, ¿e made in Poland xD Kocham Twoje t³a, gratulujê cierpliwo¶ci ^^' Zag³osowa³am, mam nadziejê, ¿e wygrasz. Powodzenia.
I feel so ashamed to just finding a comic like this now! This is excellent I look forward to the next update!
It reminds a lot of Death note XD ...
congratulations! awesome freeking art BTW, it reminds a lot of "Death note". i can't wait for the next page!!!
IMHO, You deserve the recommendation. This comic has a very interesting storyline and style.
" keep me here, alive" I would be asking myself WHY am I still alive xD!
He got shot... in the head, right? xD
i love the emotions evoked in this comic! it's been so long since the last time i read a webcomic that actually made my mind race! Great job and great inks! ^w^
Story is getting interesting. The art gives it that eerie feel that it needs and i freakin' getting excited reading it (and a tad scared haha). Can't wait for more!
story is really catching, and drawings are so good! <3 i've discovered it just today and i've read it all already XD i like this a lot <3 i hope you'll keep up like this, because it's perfect ^^
: O
Kapcie mi pospadaly jak sie dowiedzialem ze ten komiks rysuje ktos z polski.
Ogolnie jestem pod wrazeniem. Wolfen=Win.
No i gratuluje wygranej! : D
wooo wolfen dude is HOT!
February 28th, 2010
So pretty.... I hope you find time to update soon!