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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Les Miserables. The Phantom of the Opera. A lit nerd and her antisocial alternate persona learn that classic fictional stories may not be quite so fictional.

Sire updates Wednesdays. Patreon backers are four weeks ahead of everyone else.

Art and writing by Alexis Royce. ChibiSilverWings is listed as a coauthor because she likes to get comment emails. All of the comment emails.

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@Hydra: I was expecting his boss
Wait so the Sherlock-Child WASN'T who he was expecting?
@Merrsharr: I mean, I mentioned it looked like a transformation sequence on the last page, but didn't know about Sherlock Holmes having this perfect disguise ability.
As I learned from "Who killed Sherlock Holmes", Holmes (and thus his linage children) has the ability of perfect disguise
Nobody mentioned a transformation scene, but hey, why not
@CiaoFromItaly: It says Sherlock Holmes on her business card I think!
Obviously she's going to keep some bees.
No guesses but I like the character design
@Anonymous: Badum-tish!
Arsene Lupin? Great at costumes, can easily slip into an upper class meeting, rivalry with Moriarty (regarding who's the greatest criminal mastermind)
Jareth from the Labyrinth?
It seems unlikely given the nature of the costume change, but I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that her sire is Sherlock Holmes
I'm gonna be boring and guess Sherlock Holmes since we just got a Moriarty.
For those of you who are interested, blood pudding is made with pig's blood.
Don't worry, there's a new page this week, just click back and you'll see it.

Since it's the end of the chapter, I wanted to remind people that I do have a patreon, and it's what keeps Sire going. If you want to help out and be a part of this silly comic of mine, please toss me a few cents over here. If you sign up for a dollar or more a week, I'll even sketch something for you!
"solve the mystery"...I feel like that's a reference/hint that I'm not understanding.
Also, I take my own reference shots sometimes when I need help with a pose. I pulled out my viola for this one, and it was horrible. Benjamina must have a stronger core than I do. She probably all.
I have no clue but this certainly looks like a transformation scene so maybe some kind of magician/quick change artist?
I'd say Sailor Mars, but she's not in public domain yet