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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Les Miserables. The Phantom of the Opera. A lit nerd and her antisocial alternate persona learn that classic fictional stories may not be quite so fictional.

Sire updates Wednesdays, in the middle of the night. Warnings for occasional violence and dead bodies.

Art and writing by Alexis Royce. ChibiSilverWings is listed as a coauthor because she likes to get comment emails. All of the comment emails.

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January 12th, 2017
For a second there I was like "But didn't he himself say that the binding doesn't like people messing around with bets?" but then I realized that the binding would quite like a plot twist such as this.....
January 5th, 2017
Nailed it or failed it.... The suspense alone makes for good plot.
January 5th, 2017
A web with a thousand radiations? Spiderman?
@Hydra: (Also referred to as "Gary Stu")
January 2nd, 2017
@Merrsharr: I'm a little unsure what you mean by Gary-Stu.
@Hydra: Holmes is a Gary-Stu, he wouldn't have made the mistake of not naming their Sire
Happy Public Domain Day!
December 30th, 2016
I honestly haven't read much, if any, classical literature like Jekyll and Hyde, but i get the feeling they made a mistake early on in their thinking and his site actually WAS Sherlock Holmes all along.
I'm woefully uncultured, therefore I have no damn clue...
December 21st, 2016

She is right, though; knowing who they are doesn't mean he knows, well, who are they FROM. Smart kid.
Hey, we figured out his Sire! Yaay.
@K: Thank you very much!
K (Guest)
December 21st, 2016
Happy 300 pages
December 20th, 2016
@Ariso: No He hasn't guessed yet, but he knows who they are, which is effective just as good as knowing their sire I believe since he still has a guess left and they're not even sure if they're even close to his.

@Nomen: Of course I'm not 100% sure about this, but I believe anyone who would preemptively declare victory must have a great amount of confidence that it's the truth, so I doubt the binding would care. However I believe it definitely wouldn't agree to a change in win condition unless both/all parties agree.
I wonder how the binding reacts to people who preemptively declare that they've won--or change the win condition in the middle of the challenge...
December 16th, 2016
@Ariso: Good point.
He hasn't guessed their sire yet, did he?
December 14th, 2016
@shylarah: There's just one problem with the logic that he said their names and not their sire(s).

He still has another guess, so even if he lets that slide and they get another turn, that would likely be their last and they wouldn't get the 3rd.
And that's their last guess. Susan's pretty confident about it. Confident enough to risk her brutish image with a Doyle quote.