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Margot is stuck somewhere between a sorry reality and her own disillusioned thoughts.


Recent Comments

September 13th, 2009
first i thought i knew partly of what was going on, then i read your author comment
(ie: what she's bleeding from.)
this is deliciously confusing.
August 29th, 2009
this is some crazy shit o.o and it's so pretty and cool and oh gosh i can't contain myself

August 28th, 2009
I have no idea what is going on and I love it. Faved. :D
August 28th, 2009
Well, Hello
Now this is an intriguing comic. Wonderfully bizarre, and a kick-ass style to boot. Definite +fav!

Keep it up.
August 6th, 2009
Whoa. Amazing page! This comic is mind-bending and I love it. :) Can't wait to read more!
So... cool! I love your style!
terrific stuff, i really look forward to seeing more of this
July 24th, 2009
hey thanks for all the comments guys.

ihatedogowners - thanks; i'm trying to get better with each page.

octokiss - haha thanks, i'm really
enjoying your comic so far as well

flazeebo - it is fun to draw!
Wow. I'm so glad I stumbled upon this. Faved.
been stalking this for a while and I figured I'd comment. Love this so much <3 It's super fun to follow her around. It seems like it'd be really fun to draw too.
hoshit just found this and i adore it



i LOVE your art. its beautiful.
awesome art, faved!
July 24th, 2009
A lot of the story is being improvised.. where it's headed now is actually way off from where I originally projected. What influenced this arc was this book I read called Hyperspace (very good if you're interested in physics). I drew a lot of the plot elements and visuals from parts of that book. it's trippy stuff. enjoy.

[edit] I'm going to be out of town for a few days so the next update will be next wednesday, august 5th.
So I haven't had time to read all of this today, but this stuff is FANTASTIC so far. *_*
July 23rd, 2009
i really dig your style and the way this flows. it's totally unique.
hehehe 'dont be shy' makes me laugh ^__^ come on in, and if your not careful, you can break your neck, but dont be shy. XD
Beautiful work! The tones really suit the story and your style, wonderful!!
July 22nd, 2009
thanks for the comments on the previous page.

ihatedogowners - haha i very much take that as a compliment.
That's a very interesting looking building! Your art is just great~