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They're Obscure. And they're on the Web. AND THEY'RE COMICS!!!


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*Cringe* Trololololol
The Wierdian people, or "Wierdos", as they are called by outsiders, hail from the mysterious land of Wi-erd.
I am deeply disturbed. The theme of every comic I made on here was people being eaten by nasty blob things.


Your mom ends abruptly...???
Wow super cool can i use the on my Game
"The Life of Ash"
I'll get you deputy!
The inside of the book was originally meant to read: Begin by adding 2 muffins to a small or medium sized, plump English man.
Higher quality...
This comic is much more recent and it has more talent involved...The humor is non afflicted by science! YAY.
No I meant the joke about Dr. Phil stuck.
You mean it kind of suck?

Well... Um, Dr. Phil offends everybody, so keep up the good work, yeah...
This comic was a school project...(don't ask we have a really dumb science teacher) It had to include Newton's 3 laws of motion. Sadly the third page was drawn so I improvised it. Also...I hope nobody is offended by the Dr. Phil joke. My friend came up with it and it kind of stuck.
Juicy Fruit!
Woo...was I bored when I whipped this one up in all of 3 minutes? Yes, yes I was...very yes I was. Feel free to be freaked out and/or puke your pants.
And then the story line ends... Abruptly...
This comic was a short side project by Weswammy.
This comic was a short side project by Weswammy.
This comic was a short side project by Weswammy.
December 24th, 2006
New home...
Due to SpriteTV and the end of its togetherness and this series, it's only three comics are being moved to this site.
I frogot I'll d them torrorow