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The 3rd

The 3rd is a tale of war and strife set in a fictional world filled with magic and mystery. The story follows Max, a young soldier who finds himself thrust into a world much bigger than he ever knew.

Recent Comments

The underground
Re-drew Khawn's face in the 4th panel
Capital Investigators!
Fixed Khawn's garbo face in the last panel and added the scratched in MAX on the trinket.
Fixed Khawn's garbage face in panel 3. Added putt putt sounds
Cleaned up the lettering and spruced up the 1st panel.
Made the middle panel WAY less blurry and added details to Khawn's face there. All these pages during this whole scene are also a tad brighter.
In the FACE!
Double Barrel Gun!
Look at this amazing vehicle! State of the art combustion engine with top speeds reaching a blazingly fast 30 mph! Wood panels standard and a covered roof!
Added a new panel at the bottom to bring the night of the fire into more focus and tie it into the main story better.
I cut down the repetitive dialogue in this and the next page. It was a giant wall of text before.
Reorganized this page and added better sound effects
3rd time I restructured this page :)
Added a crumbling golem at the bottom. Mostly for funzies
Re organized this page once again :P
Updated the 2nd panel with a new face.
Renee is cool. She wasn't planned to be so involved but I've upgraded her to be more interesting/important.
I have edited this page 3 times >.<

2nd panel is redone and a combo of repurposed panels.