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Sally Sprocket & Piston Pete

A novel-length tale, set in the Steampunk-ified Wild West, that follows the adventures of a daddy-daughter duo (except the daddy's an android inventor and the daughter's a cyborg of his handiwork...)


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Note to self: Do not piss off Sally! Damn she has some skills!
January 28th, 2018
@TechnoPuff: XD
Thanks for the vote of confidence~!
January 28th, 2018
I am here from the future
And I say that Sally is the next character in ARMS
January 24th, 2018
Great artwork. I'm getting a very Metropolis vibe here
January 23rd, 2018
@lemnlime: thanks :)
January 23rd, 2018
This page is one of the most impressive-looking so far. There's a very realistic sense of depth in the first panel
January 11th, 2018
Cheap goods
I'm pleased that I seen this website, precisely the proper information that I was trying to find! eebedddegefg
@claudeb: Thank you! :D I'm glad you took the time since the comic was meant to be read that way. (haha, I like sneaking in refs where I can) And yeah- I guess most steampunk protagonists tend to be humans, but I just wanted to do my own thing. Much love. <3
I'm floored
Hi there. I've just read the entire thing in one sitting, too. It was just that hard to stop. Amazing story, and I *loved* spotting all the stealth references to the sci-fi that inspires me. When some of the best treatment of AI out there can be found in a steampunk graphic novel, you just know it's something special. And I have friends who will love all those mecha.
@Notbt5: Aw, thank you for taking the time to read it all! I always envisioned SSnPP as a graphic novel meant to be taken in all at once, so I appreciate that. ;D

I do still have a lot of story left to tell with these characters (including an animated pilot). Just follow @47ness or the hashtag #ssnpp on the usual social media for future updates. ^^
Aww man, I just read all of it in one sitting, it's sad to see this end right on this. But otherwise I like the contents of this story and it's character build up, regardless of it only being almost 300 pages made me feel like I've known these characters for a while. With a lot to relate to it reallly made me feel like I was in the story, spectating every aspect of it. I'm glad to see you contribute this amazing comic/story to everyone, and I'm glad I favorited when I did
"I just want the children to know that- HIT THE DECK!"
"You hit them really hard"

I love that
June 26th, 2017
Cue the music!

(I was listening to this a lot while working these pages. It definitely helped. :P )
June 26th, 2017
SSnPP updates are back!

Specifically ALL the remaining pages will be uploaded now. XD
Sorry for being away for so long; I had to go into self-imposed exile so I could get it done without distraction (...also the final series of pages are quite spoilery, so trickling the pages out one by one would not have worked out well, haha)

February 22nd, 2017
D: D: D:

One of the trickier pages to put together, but I'm happy with it~
Mystic Fire (Guest)
February 15th, 2017
This isant going to end well is it?
February 14th, 2017

February 3rd, 2017
SSnPP is back!
...situation: still dire for our heroes... D:

Will try to blast out more pages leading into the Spring (if I'm lucky I can wrap this up in time for WonderCon Anaheim?)