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Admin's Comic

Admin's Comic

The comic created by the creator of Smack Jeeves. This is mostly for testing, enter at your own risk.
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14 Years Ago

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Admin's Comic

The comic created by the creator of Smack Jeeves. This is mostly for testing, enter at your own risk.

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@Admin: Please good sir, may I bother you for a second sandwich
@Admin: Give me sandwiches
September 20th, 2016
Here's a little tidbit for y'all if anyone is still checking back here:

Since 2009 we've been with WiredTree. We've upgraded servers once (in late 2014) since we've been with them.
I'd prefer weapon of choice.

Nice work. Try keeping the strokes consistent, and have them follow the form a bit.

Good job with the shadows. If your line quality followed through a bit more then it would be a really amazing piece.
This is a very nice chair. Most of mine just look like an L with two legs.
system of a dog ha jk
bringin' back the comments in the '08!
Wow, I had no idea Admin was so young! >.<

I was wondering if you're still doing the t-shirt designs. I might want to make one, if so...
Luckey Starr
September 22nd, 2007
Everyone thinks it's white chalk, but Admin said "white charcoal" in the comment. Come on ppl!

Anyway, I agree that it looks quite nice. ^_^ In high school, charcoal was my favorite to draw with. It's easy to do shading with (just smudge it around) and I like the dramatic lighting effect it makes.
September 20th, 2007
That second guy, the one on the right, looks EXACTLY like Bruce Willis.
I also love SOAD!
September 19th, 2007
lol wut grade u is my good sir?
I guess you're a very popular guy, what with being admin of all admins on a comic hosting site, and the fact that this is your comic, which hasn't been updated in about two years...
Wow, can't believe I'm still getting comments on this.

I had to do stuff for my portfolio for my drawing class in high school, so I drew the nearest thing to me during lunch.
That's really good. ^^
lol I never would have thought of drawing a chair.
Fun fact:

Since my last post, we were hosted on DreamHost for a while... I forget exactly when we started, but it lasted until April 9th, 2007, when we got our dedicated server at Host Gator!
Pretty abstract, drawing a cafeteria chair. What gave you that motive?
June 30th, 2007
Way to go Admin!!
Yeah I'll do the same thing!