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Based on the Halo series (and later, the Gears of War series as well), this Planet Zebeth-esque comic is like this: Master Chief and Johnson are just minding their own business, until they meet a "slow" Grunt...that has an extraordinary ability. Now, Master Chief, Johnson, and a few silly Marines find themselves stuck in an endless loop fighting off a sinister Elite commander while trying to keep the Grunt in their grasp. But the Elite commander does not like to lose his masterpiece. Meanwhile, a few confused COG Gears get intertwined into the fray of all of this. The comic is humorous and has a story to it.

IMPORTANT: This comic has been rated PG-13 for sexual references, strong language, violence, frequent alien gore, and unrealistic depictions of blood and gore.

Also: If you want one of your characters from your sprite comic (it MUST be custom) to have a cameo, PM me and give me the sprite sheet.

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Sure, it's about 3 years too late, but that seems to be a Starship Troopers reference,
Posted this on the 18th, scheduled for now.

Here's a bit of backstory I hardly had room to include:

In an alternate reality, Commander Reddenblachker is hosting a Halloween party at a "Fun House" he rented, and everyone's invited. He disguised himself under the alias "Reden" so no one would expect he's up to no good.

Granted, I was planning on there being an epic duel to the finish between Reddenblachker and MC/the COGs, but space ran out.
Floo Phantom
September 5th, 2009

I wouldn't want to stay there! DX
Ultimate Ridley
September 5th, 2009
Yeah, I didn't forget about this comic.

Even a schedule isn't helping. >.<

But yeah...

School...and stuff...

And by the way, the "dicks" Drone was referring to isn't anyone here, they're from other sites.
No, I wasn't. ARK actually went on a 365-day hiatus because I didn't know you could set the specific time for comics to be released, allowing me to work on a comic during my free time and then post it for a later date. But now I know. :B

Also, is the Halo background not showing up for you?
Was that sarcasm?

I got the feeling you were being sarcastic.
Well shit, if only I thought of that last year when ARK took on an entire year of hiatus. :P
A simple thing bro.

Schedule. Make the comics on saturdays and sundays.
School started for me. Updating is going to be a LOOOOOT slower. I may even go on hiatus, which I personally don't want to happen. But the comic may have to. Sorry guys. :(
Ultimate Ridley
August 8th, 2009
Yay! Coconut's back!

I KNOW the lot of you missed him. :D

Hopefully the comic can get back on track humor-wise. I realized the humor started to derail a tad once Master Chief was swallowed by the Rift Worm, so I tried to fix it.

The sheer stupidity that is Coconut shall (hopefully) never leave again, at least not for well over ten issues. Coconut is, after all, the main character aside from Chief (and to a smaller extent, Johnson).
WalrusGuy didn't actually discover PINGAS! or YouTube Poop, I just thought it would be funny.

How PINGAS! was discovered is true, though. It was extracted from when Robotnik said to Sonic in one episode of the original Sonic cartoon series, "Snooping around as usual, I see."

Also, yay for combining Star Wars quotes into one sentence!

And for the very small few of you who want Eggman gone...he's not going to stay forever. This is like Planet Zebeth, characters arise cleverly yet seemingly from nowhere, then they disappear. Heh.

I'll probably ditch WalrusGuy sometime in the future as well. I understand his demeanor could get extremely annoying instead of extremely funny rather quickly.

When they get out of the Rift Worm, I promise, it'll just be Chief again. And stuff.
Buttshorts are what I'll be calling smaller strips primarily made to finish characters off or fill in plot holes if they were not already resolved in a regular comic from now on.
The blimp is Kabula, from Kirby Super Star Ultra.
Later on, I will show everyone what is underneath his helmet. I don't know for sure, but it's up to me as a comedy comic maker to reveal that his head and face is something totally random and unexpected.

Have I decided when and what? Nope.
Maybe he doesn't have a face.
The first (and probably last) Sonic-related character to appear in my comic!

What lies underneath Chief's helmet? Hell, I don't know. And the world probably doesn't either.
I don't know what he did. I think it was a bad video.


Oh, and Dr. Eggman will be in this because a line in the chorus of "I Am the Walrus" just before the title is sung, is "I am the eggman." That was another reference to the song.

Paul McCartney was the Beatles' lead singer, so yeah. That too. :P
What did he do?

And why is there a town in a giant worm- Oh wait I just awnsered my own question.
For those who don't know...
WalrusGuy was a famous YouTube Pooper that was banned not too long ago.

And the reference at the end was to the Beatles' "I Am the Walrus".
Maybe I should warn for spoilers next time.

I just posted that for the people who know they won't play Gears of War 2 ever. :P

How was the strip?