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Last Train Home

Last Train Home

by Fukairi
Just sit on top of the world
Just do it already
Because you never know when the last train home comes

A short comic about freedom and its limits
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10 Years Ago

Last Train Home

Just sit on top of the world
Just do it already
Because you never know when the last train home comes

A short comic about freedom and its limits


Recent Comments

I love your art, and the emotion that you put in the comic... bravo.
(sorry for my englsih :x)
This was a really cool comic <3 You're awesome at creating atmosphere :3 Looking forward to the extra ending page~ I'll be honest, I really didn't get it though haha XD
aa mä sillee tajusin
mut sit en osaa pukee sitä sanoixi

mut nätti se oli c:
The end
Plotwise, the last page.
But I'll try to make up for it's crappiness by drawing some useless ending page later on.

Anyway, you might not get this, but it's okay, just read it through a few times and speculate all you want 8D When I do the ending page I'll add there some info how this thing was in mah head.

Yup, I never planned this to be more than 5-6 pages. But thank you :)
Really? It'll be over after this? But... it just started. o_o That's a shame, though. It really is beautiful and I was really eager to see where it was going.
Remember when I told you the next page would be totally useless? Well yeah.
But this comic needed atleast one useless page!

ridiculously failing legs and perspective :(
Anyway, enjoy~ Next page will be last.

(Well, I'll do a cover and another useless page after the fifth, but plotwise it'll be the last)

Thank you :)
Good color. Good art. Good feel.
Thank you for the praise ;)!~ <3
don't worry, you wont have to wait long 8)
I am alive, sadly Monochrome Syndrome ( ) still isn't but now I bring forth a new page of Last Train Home!

Nothing much happening here either. Bring me some theories people, I'd like to hear what's your conclusion of the strange dialogue Julia and Stella(their names asdf) just had! Only two pages to go before this ends so you can't get it entirely wrong either right?

Anyways, I like this one. Pretty moody, even tho it looks completely different when compared to other pages : P


WHOOPS. This is like 5-10% bigger than the prev pages. Will fix this~

it's nice to see a really short comic every once in a while, especially one where the drawings are sooooo mouthwateringly delicious *.*
i'm curious to see where this ends up :)
@ sosenka_va

Haha nuu I don't hate you xDDD;;; The graffiti is just some picture I made into a brush(again) so... xDDDD Too lazy to do them myself
Mysteeeerious~ I think the 'plot' will clear out only in the last page :DDDD
Another beautiful page oAo <3 And a mysterious one too! X3 I only wish the graffiti in the last panel had some sort of perspective D: The character is so beautifully drawn and in a nice angle and then there's this flat wall behind messing it up ;^; Sorry for being so annoying but this comic is so beautiful that I can't help wanting it to perfect >^< Hope you don't hate me orz''''
The second page
Hmmm this comic will be max 5 pages long. Tho depending on my laziness it might end up being just four pages : O
haha, what do you think she is talking about 8D

and btw, I sometimes see brats like that 8D so its not unreeeeaaaaaalistic 8D
Thank you! I'm glad you like it >3<

Thanks!Haha I was all nervous weither ppl would actually like the sketchiness or not but apparently they did >3< and I was all amazed after I drew that hand how good it looked xDDDD Usually my hands tend to bend over the direction in the last panel :'DDDD

Ihanaa tulit <33333 Hahah oon ihan hullun ylpee tost bannerist xD oon vaa linkkaillu sitä kaikille meses sillee "KATO EIKS OO UPEE" xDDDDD
hihihihi kiitos <3
noni tulin tänneki<3 näinki tän bannerin eile ja aattelin et oiku näyttää siistilt. Sit menin deviantartii ja katoin et oho se onki sun tekemä pitää tsekkailla :DDD tää näyttää tosi upeelta, värisävyt on nätit ja sillee aah <3 *w*
Lovely colors and textures o^o And the sketchiness of the drawings really suits the comic as well.
And I envy your hand drawing skills, 4th panel looks great >^<
Looks awesome. Love the colouring. ^_^

Thank you >333< Oh I know D: But I'll try my best to make it to be worth your time~<3