Sonic Farsight

Takes place in the Sonic universe(obviously), six years after the current adventures.

It's about a romance between Sonic and Amy and how that lead Sonic to face his first romantic and existencial crisis and separation from amy.

Hope you like it. Updates every monday.


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*chuckles* Know what you mean man
Playstation 4 rocks...
Yeah I recently got a PS4.... So sorry guys, I'm still going, both of my comics are still alive. And as soon as Lara Croft and Nate Drake are done with their quests I will update them...
@Remainder: ^~^ wonder how long this is gonna go on before we reach the finale??
Ahem, yeah, here's the page. My little talk with Metal Sonic Edge will go on a little longer and then... well you'll see.
Sorry I'm late, work was a bitch yesterday.
hmmmm.... Comment Dejavu... images Dejavu... Lots of Dejavu...
@Remainder: XD time for a fourth wall breakage montage
First 'late' of the year.

At least I'm getting work done and stuff.

So here we are going on with this 'fourth wall break meta' thing.
This is very strange.
@Remainder: X3 cool can't wait
Merry Christmass and Happy New year everyone!
The hollydays were, well, hell for me. I had to tend to a lot of guests and parties. That's why I haven't been updating. But I'm pretty sure things will go back to normal now.

So here's the chapter presentation page.
Well, this is new.
Continuing the super meta fourth wall destruction, for no other reason than "it is".

@RoninHunt0987: a bit longer, thanks for keeping on readng.
@Remainder: I mean were on the final issue so it has to end somehow
@Remainder: wonder how long you and Edge are gonna finish talking and end this comic
Okay, so I wasn't overworked or anything like that last monday. In fact, I was free. Sofree in fact that I totally spaced out...

Yeah I actually forgot to update, didn't remember until wednesday, so I waited the next monday... Sorry...

Anyway here it is, and it also is what I originally intended to do with this comic.

Colored version of the last panel: 36008272
You guys will never guess: Work was a bitch yesterday...


Yes that is me talking to my own OC. Enjoy.
Hmm... How intriestion. So her desine is based off of Bayonetta (which is ironic, since Sonic and Bayonetta are both made by SEGA).