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Nintendo characters being edgy and Vulgar


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Its sad I missed this comic in its prime. It is a truly hilarious take on videogame characters, as everyone knows those that edgy and vulgar are the absolute height of hilarity.

However, I think this comic could benefit to have more blood and some dead baby jokes. That is the only criticism I will give it.
Dear fucking retards,
such as the Gear fag with the sprite comic, and every other moron replying to these comics with something negative to say,

You've all been trolled.


Good night.
This is just horrible, just very, very, very bad. I don't know what to say to something like this. I didn't think people as stupid as you could get on the internet let alone use a computer. Jesus christ, this was so bad.
your so edgy and awesome
gbs tv
the goon broadcasitng system
Because they have better taste in comics then you. Insted of stupid jokes make some funny ones. Also i don't really like coming back here, i don't love you and what the fuck? Yiff? Why would i do that?
better than having a fanbase of furries and sonic fans

and what compels you to keep coming back here? do you love me that much? :3 let's yiff! ^-^
Lol Better than yours.
You got 8 comics and 0 fans? Well i find that funny.
once again you make shitty sonic sprite comics. 0/10
Once agian, this comic sucks. 0/10
Haha faggot
RIP Slowman
another one for the goldmine
July 29th, 2009
Fatty fat fat fat
Artist Style
The art is just intriguing, beautiful almost. Simplistic yet saying it all.

10/10, comic author.
The Goon Broadcasting System
go make a sprite webcomic about it