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The Extreme Team!

A group of Pokemon highest in each of their respective stats. An evil Magikarp with a team and a plan. And a heaping dose of sarcasm. Hilarity fails to ensue. Discontinued.

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Honestly, this is really just an April Fools comic for my actual current body of work over on KDLA. Though it also serves as a better ending point for the archives than the prior page.

This was originally going to be a little more involved, and mostly feature Lucky, Rockurtle,and Azula, but... I just couldn't. I just couldn't work with these sprites after so long. What was past me even thinking?

...Well, really, past me was mistaken in a lot of ways. Most significant being... well, it's significantly awkward to see my old outdated male author avatar throughout this whole comic. Gender's weird like that, y'know. I guess this is sort of an unofficial coming out for me here? Even though that realization is approaching three years old... still more recent than the prior update here, though.

Anyway no this doesn't mark any kind of return to form for this comic. Though I might look into making a more proper finale for the tenth anniversary.

...holy f*** this thing is nearly ten years old
@CapedLuigisYoshi: OK, I didn't understand why it was called Two Cousins Forum either, but thanks for the info (and the extra-info)
@Extremmefan: Because he was an admin on the forum that Braneless is traversing here.

"Swordy", meanwhile, is actually RKInventor, PikaMario99's cousin and the other admin there. It was called Two Cousins Forum for a reason.
Why is PikaMario in this comic?
"When wasn't it official?"
Says the guy with Luigi sprites.
Funny thing is that my sister brought Pearl and Platinum versions, while I've brought the Diamond version. My sister lost the Pearl version. However, she still has the Platinum version, and I've still got the Diamond one (my trainer's name is MARIO, seriously).
I have been thinking of plans to make a semi-continuation of this. It would be a separate comic, though, with a different cast, but set in the same universe. I guess?

And I don't think other authors would want to touch this with a thirty-nine-and-a-half-foot pole.

Something tells me this comic is dead by now. I think it should be remade with other authors or something.
I honestly don't get that panel with the Typlosion and the Kabuto.
Oh, did I say I'd most likely get on it in a month. Haha, what I actually meant was IT HAS BEEN THREE YEARS AND I HAVE NO RASPBERRYFRAGGING IDEA WHERE THE HECKLE THIS PLOT WAS EVER SUPPOSED TO GO

Um... don't expect updates anytime soon, is what I'm saying. Think of me as, say, ProtonJon. Except, you know, with somewhat crappy comics.
*gets a brick ready and stands by Mario*
AHHH! DEMON! KILL HIM MY KITTIES! *sends army of Nyan Cats after Fawful* DIE FAWFUL
Poor Mario...
@Insane Kirby: Magikarp is awesome. END OF STORY. and lvl 20 with Magikarp is awesome too.
It's actually "Exiting the forest is super simple!". Can't blame me for trying to squeeze an actual joke out of a non-sequiter I made two years ago.
@CapedLuigisYoshi: The REAL translation, please.
Official Translation of Braneless in This Comic
Panel 24: "My good sirs Branemore, Orange, and Purple, it appears as if this seemingly complicated situation that we have just resolved was, in actuality, deceptively straightforward. Quite like, one might say, the infamous Forest Maze from Super Mario RPG, which has a reputation of being nigh-impassable, yet is very easy to navigate once Geno is found. I will freely admit that my opinion on that matter is that of one who has never played that game, but as I see it, I must say that... exiting the forest is super simple."
@CapedLuigisYoshi: Translation, please. For Braneless.