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This run of the webcomic collaboration is ended. Please check out our second run of Vocaloid Academy:

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I'll be without a tablet for the next four days. But my vocaloid basic design is up and lined. Also, I'm planning on re-drawing your pic for our art trade Fire. This one make me want to eat faces. >'3
Nope. Rizumu and Soku are going to be trashed. I have two other UTAU that Im going to use.
So, Glaceon, are you're two other OCs gonna also be in this one too? o3o
Man I am so pumped ;D I'm loving all this stuff 8) But idk anything about Glee 8(

The new site is here. I'm going to say to you now. This entire next week is going to be hell for me. I have AP classes and test and shit so I going to be studying. So the application process might take a long time to go through. So I suggest NOW, that every one go through their characters, new or redesigned, and make sure you follow all the rules and such.
You will have a freakin week to go over it ok?

Thank you dears.
Sounds like fun, I like this new idea! :3

For the club leader/coach, maybe we should can rotate teachers or something? I dunno, I'm for whatever everyone wants haha.
You know what..screw it!....I'll just make another webcomic

Okay? Tomorrow I'll make it and then post the link here.
We can save the 1st run archive since it was such a good one.
Sad to know everything is going to be deleted :( But i got everything saved to my drive anyway. Or is there anyway we could keep it up for archive purposes? If not, I'll get over it. I suppoosee I'll just get started on redesigning Sokei. :) It's been awhile and feels great to be back :D
Ideas 2
Hmmmmm reading everything over and over.....
Maybe we should keep it more as a Extra Drama Club. Maybe not necessarily for the privileged student body but maybe.....
The school decided to randomly choose half of the student body to try out a new club that involves acting out songs and singing as well. For performances to show the school and work on their Vocaloid attributes.

So then it's not necessarily for those who are more privileged or poor. Just anyone who was randomly picked.
So when you, authors, make your two characters, you must CHOOSE one to be in the club and one to be in the regular school system.

Also I believe this idea is a good one because then no one would have to change their Vocaloid's history just to get into the more privileged or the scholarship club.

Now going onto Stick patch's idea of the choosing certain vocaloids to do certain parts. I thought, as people begin to post their Vocaloid characters, I'll start labeling each vocaloid in the club as A, B, C, etc and then when we decide themes to preform, then I'll randomly pick vocaloids with the label system.


BUT not to focus on the Drama club thing entirely, we also have the regular part of the school body.

The teachers will be:
Miku Hatsune
Kagamine Len & Rin
Megurine Luka
Teto ((Just cuz :D ))

Doesn't matter if you are in the club or not, you are still in school. :3

The regular class will still have it's mini projects and stuff. So vocaloids in the club will also have to deal with that as well. Double the load yo.

For the leader of the Drama Club or Coach, do you guys think it's a good idea for people to apply and then we vote on the winner? Either gender. Because I think it wouldn't be fair to choose just ONE vocaloid because they are all awesome, so just an original character from ANY author here would feel....better? IDK..

But there is also a Principal character here who is like Sue. ((For those who don't watch Glee. Sue hates the club and wants to take it DOWN. Basically she is a sneaky bitch who gets WHATEVER she wants and will take it by force. Gleeks, correct me if I'm wrong :) ))
So I have the principal ready but she'll be a secret until we start.
Keep commented and please change anything!

;-; When I join.... I wanna be rainbow friends too <3333
;-; I fell in love at first sight.
8D Yay~! I'm going to use my VocaOC Haiiro... It awesome pwnsome cause her name pronounced 'Hero' ;D
FFFFF- I so gonna read the application rules and join ;3;
FFFF, K-ON :'DDD I was thinking of that too XDDD
UM... with what Kitsune was saying, the drama club sounds great! The one thing about Glee though, is that it really has like... two main singers. I don't want to only have two characters being on the top, so we should try and switch up who sings the leads and stuff.
For example, in the Story of Evil, Vocaloids A and B can be the twins, but then we do Dark Woods Circus, and C gets to sing the lead part.

What about the club is full of scholarship students, who can't afford to take extra special classes because their scholarship doesn't cover it. They're all isolated from their peers because the rich kids don't want to hang out with these "wannabe vocaloids" who can't even pay for their classes. So all these outcasts end up joining this new club, where they're able to perform and stuff.

Then the regular Vocaloid Academy could be like what Fire said, with one in the special club and one in the regular classes?
Just posting something in case there's anyone who missed the last announcement. P:
Plus I was listening to Kaito's Uninstall and felt like drawing something psycho. xD
Speedpaint, bout 1.5 hours.
After-school club makes me think K-ON, hnnn. >w<

I like the idea of leaning towards drama club though, since so many vocaloid songs have great storylines. Taking ideas from Glee though... maybe we could have frequent themes where everyone suggests a song on that theme? Obviously we couldn't do performances for all of them, but maybe vote on one or something. P:

And as far as having characters in the club and outside the club, maybe we could start with one character in the club, and through whatever developments, the second character is added later. Or something. I dunno. xD
Not a fan of Glee, but I had to much fun here so I'll join the new one. And bring my characters. It'll be fun to draw them again :)
I like Stitch's idea about focusing more on the after school thing and Fire's idea about the club for the advanced students is really good! They sound like good grounds for drama~

But I dunno about how they can be determined who's in the club. All our characters have traumatic pasts, so it's like they're all special, haha. How about people are in the club because their owners who can afford to send them to the class, so it makes them more hated because they appear luckier/wealthier than the other students? xD

Another idea, how about the students in the club perform the song productions in front of the whole school? Like they'd have productions of Story of Evil, Dark Woods Circus, Paper Planes, and other such songs, kinda like a drama club.
Glee Ideas
How about this:
The Vocaloid Academy will be based on general studies and singing studies. But there will be an after school club for the "advanced" Vocaloid wannabes.

Since there is a 2 character limit. One would be in the regular program of school and then one would be in the club. ((Equal number of students in each))

Naturally, the Glee club would think that they are superior to the other Vocaloids and the regular programed Vocaloids would have hateful feelings towards the club.

Because having a Sue like character would be fun, the principal would be that character.

And since the club needs a coach, it would be fun to have people apply for the coach and then everyone votes on one. :D

The coach can be a 3rd character! Ok :D

But this is an IDEA! So change it or comment on other ideas!
@Kiwifie: Ummm.... if we did the Glee thing, wouldn't it be like... more gakuen-ish XD?
We would probably have the Vocaloids be the different teachers, and then we would just act like it was a regular school 8D
Except.... like.... our characters are special 8D? Like... the Glee club is for vocaloids trying to adjust to school life? Or trying to adjust to humans? After all, they would be the misfits, being vocaloids and everything XD?

Or we could have it so that Glee Club is like... an after school activity :O?
We could have it so that it is sorta like the school setting we have now, but focus more on like... an after school extracurricular thing :I?