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A comic where things happen that Shadow, Sonic and friends will regret....
Though you you won't regret reading it XD.

accepting cameos

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Sonic X would've definately sucked less if it weren't for Chris and all the humans.

Good old Japanese pilot. Why couldn't we have you instead? ):
meet alexa how makes the new amy rose
look its alexa yay
:angey: hey shadow i got a toy for you >:)
:shadow: relly let me see :angey: its my hammer and it works to lets see if it can works on sonic :sonic: angey you b****! :angey and shadow: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha that was so funny oh and polly2 do you wunt to be frends?
F**K! as i was making the next comic my computer restarted!

well sorry wait a bit longer
as title says
my guy's name is lightning he is a playful go around kid who likes to have fun. he can get pissed easily and he has the power to control electricity and the power of chaos if u want the link to his sheet..
hope ya pick me!
ULTIMATE! Can you use Mark?! My Cream Boy? Plus, I Hate Sonic X. I Hate ALL The Cruddy 4KidsTV Shows. I Know It Sounds Werid But I Do! To See Why Look At This: 2F0&index=1
This 4Kids Stuff Can Suck My-- Well, Lets Just Let Tails Finish....

um... sure
hey can i cameo
hey, i'm not starting a flame war, i actually like sonic x just a bit but we thought this plot would be funny, so we went with it.

PS you wanna cameo
Ultimate! what did I tell you before?!
September 9th, 2009
lol shadow, you look exactly the same
sorry about the punchline, i had another one planned but solar didn't like it
Yeah, the 4kids actors were bad, but the most problem was that 4kids CHANGED THE STORY AND ACTUALLY REMOVED EPISODES BECAUSE THEY JUDGED THEM TO HARSH! Oh, and Chris sucks because he basically removed tails necessity and was a retarded wimp.
@ chaosmark
yeah that's why i don't like it either, they messed around with the story, messed up the voice actors, and put a rich, gay kid in it!
the sonic x show is some what okay...... I just really hate the 4 kids voice actors and chris.......damn you chris.>_<
and they got so many things wrong with it it's like rewriting the stories in the show.
@SolaratheHedgehog-me to my fav character is cream ^.^ also fav' on the comic
aww i wanted to see XD