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June 3rd, 2012
> Break the Tutorial-bot's propeller.
>Check for traps and become immediately bewildered with the first part of the tutorial.
>Kill the tutorial
>Beat up BOT and continue.
>Ask to do a tutorial that will advance the plot at the same time.
May 27th, 2012
>A slime is eating your hands and feet
>question sanity of everyone involved.
..the joke doesn't work at all, especially since the ending of the joke doesn't..feel like it should do.

a better one would be "Hate to say it pal, but it looks're playing my game now -sunshades, yeah, etc-"

oh, also

>check for traps
@Swithe: It was supposed to refer to the trope "But thou must", which this is a pretty strong reference to.
I think "Deal with it" would have been a more appropriate use of sunshades here...
Since most of the votes were done within a week, that's how much time I'm allowing this time.

In unrelated news, I've started a minecraft let's play! The playlist can be found on the link below. If you like it, thanks for watching, and if not, thanks for considering!
>Break tree... tube... thing.
>I'm pretty sure we know how to move, since we just did. Check your surroundings as far as you can easily see, especially that mechanical stuff.
>Ignore tutorial.
>Listen to the tutorial, but attack him if it gets too long and/or boring
>Steal his propeller and attach to head in an effort to gain the ability to fly
>Check for traps and Ask about Fighting, defense comes first (that's reasoning and not a subject to start with by the way).