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Azen's Studio

by Azen
Azen's junk posted whenever
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6 Years Ago
Azen's junk posted whenever


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how do i download it?
I am new here and i can't find out where to download it plz help me

am i even supposed to download it? i am confused
So, after winning dem minecraft hunger games, I decided I'd give off my minecraft Guilmon skin... one of them anyways.

So to any people who like guilmon, or know people who like him (or her, depending on who you are), I give this gift to you~

BBS is dead haha good to see you're still "living" :P
What? An update
Yep... I'm alive, and apparently I wasn't hit by a truck? ... or was it a truck? BBS hasn't updated in so long I forgot about it...

Or did I?

I've been on a long hiatus while I get my life in order, and come to terms with myself. So yea... Anyway, here's a bit of a pilot comic again, with a similar nature and GLOWING! Because everyone loves glowing shit...
Eternal Cry
December 26th, 2011
*Pokes* You need to get on MSN more, babe. |3 Merry Late Christmas
December 26th, 2011
So... freaking... tired
On the plus side, new update... wooo

Nope, not dead YET
October 17th, 2011
That would be Ashe...
haha, that's hella fuckin on man. ^^ Who's the other (red fox??) character though? owo I don't recognize them.
October 8th, 2011
Rawr n stuff~

Been some time since I got to work, so here I figured I'd show off one of my latest projects...

Azen... brand fucking new... as a species noone has ever heard of before... Rawr
said it b4
sayin it again
swag the fucc out <33 haha. this is hella dope yo.

EDIT: Also this site is crazy weird. It goes on about IP addresses and shit when you login but it prints your password on the screen in CLEARTEXT of all things when you register. loco shit mane
blarg blarg and mofos
Pardon my language

... I wanted to write something here, but got lazy. May do so later.
Again... I am ashamed
When I fist saw this image, my thoughts were "Fan-service", though the original dialogue for this was scrapped in favor of less... mature stuff, most of you can guess just through the image, and the alt text.

On another note: Fucking... hate...hakumen. I played his story mode... and hated it. Hate playing as him, and hate playing against him... nuff said.
July 16th, 2011
@Joka: Why sank you~
@EC: GACK!? *pounc'd*
*Stalks in the shadows and pounces on Azen* AZZYBABEH!
Let's just say your avatar draw the attention in the forums. kepp up the good work like this and the kingdom hearts station of awakening. Was nice to see some of Vanitas' features again.
July 12th, 2011
Mwahahah- wait... you're not someone I know. This is a first! Someone I don't know commenting? Woooow, I feel lucky!
I love the way how you made Taokaka have this dark-ish around him.
It's like he's going to haunt you during night.
July 12th, 2011
Shaking off the dust
That's right bitches! I'm getting back into my game, fo' realz! Soon nothing shall stop me!

Except the seven or eight typos I made while trying to write this comment.

Basically, this was just an attempt to get back into spriting, by making an Azen out of Taokaka from Blazblue.

Yes, it's a guy. Yes he's wearing panties? Why? Cause I found it lulzy! FUCK OFF!
June 30th, 2011
Woo... *yawn*
Used as my avatar for FA and maybe soon as my one for here.

Recently, I've been so busy with work and stuff, I haven't really done anything comic wise... I really oughta start up something new...