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6 Years Ago
Its a comic.

You can join.

Anyone can.

You make fake trailers with cool effects and a unbeliveable storyline.

Post it.

Extra: You can even post a cover for a comic you might make and have people vote for whether to do it.

Epicness is a must (well if its an action thing or whatever, if its a comedy make it liek funny cover/trailer, you get it right?)

Effects is optional.

Not only trailers but pages as well liek a funny page thats random. Ya know, just PM me if you dotn knwo what to put in the comic.

When you update put a dash then your name. If you wnat you can also make a comic and just post in in this one but put it like this:

Title - Chapter Name - Page # Whatever you do -Your Username


Title - Name of page - Your Username.

Dosent HAVE TO be sprites just to let ya know ;)


Last Update 8/17/09

Recent Comments

it has great potential just needs ppl to read it
this comic needs cameos

its by solar and me

and... the comic is better than the banner, trust me... or atleast the latest anyway

October 12th, 2010
can i join??
my little brother made this comic and i want him to get some fans so here you go

heres a link
lol image fail...
So this is why you wanted the Sonic font. :3 Did you deliberately do it similar to mine or was this what you intended from the beginning?

Joking aside it does look very awesome.
Mist th
September 18th, 2009
Lol I here yah king samurai.
I wanna join!
oh the irony

send me a link and type propoly please
Mist th
September 15th, 2009
No because it's a terrible advertisement sparky. Also you still need to practice making your first comic let alone start a new one.
this is my first ad should i make it?
i joined
so can you
Check it out
true but i still like it
What, like the film Jumper?

That film wasn't all that good.
here's the link
To Kris the Demon
Yes, it is still excepting authors.