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Lunar Hill is an interactive webcomic where YOU decide what Hillman will do next! It's like an 8-bit video game, a collaborative campfire story, and a crappy internet cartoon all rolled up into one incomprehensible mess!


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Comment on > do the opposite of command 1533 and convince
dutchuy, > Dec 12 2014
The opposite would clearly be throwing someone at your pegleg and then singing
Comment on > wait what...
dutchuy, > Dec 11 2014
If Top Hat was a hallucination how did you get his legs?
Comment on > summon every meme-hater and show them moon
Spark the wolf, > Nov 23 2014
Dsasfwdvdwvwevewvfwef wait no I mean "that's no small moon.(even though it's actually quite big) THAT'S A SPACE (Y) STATION"
Comment on > kill SonicBoom01, and forget how to summon him
The smile guy :-) (Guest), > Nov 03 2014
I salute to you, friend. As roblox can be good and bad, you were still there for part of the adventure, some of us will remember you, deep down.
Comment on > loot the pirate's dead corpse, and sell his body
Kes (Guest), > Jun 30 2014
You made me laugh so hard I spat out my food. I shall avenge thee delicious bite of hotdog!!
Comment on > up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A
TheTC, > Nov 16 2013
right, a, down, right, a, down
Comment on > get translated to Spanish
BrainFart, > Nov 12 2013
Oh colina lunar, que la tarjeta
Comment on > jump into that blue hat-looking thing
dutchguy1986, > Oct 12 2013
Wait, now I'm confused. Wasn't Desdemona an English Teacher? I can't believe you made such a big mistake, when the rest of the comic made perfect sense in every single way
Comment on > PM on Smack Jeeves, telling me to join the party
dutchguy1986, > Oct 12 2013
I don"t understand why Lunar Hill wouldn't expect things to go like this
Comment on > change the direction the sign is pointing
Guest, > Oct 10 2013
What a twist


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