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A pug falls into a toilet, thus releasing a rather snarky genie who had up until that point been bound body and soul to the extremely scummy receptacle.
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A pug falls into a toilet, thus releasing a rather snarky genie who had up until that point been bound body and soul to the extremely scummy receptacle.

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September 19th, 2013
TG 130 - 131
........................................ herro. >_>;; How have you been? Haven't seen you in two months...

Panel 3 (or 4, depending on how you read them, and honestly the order doesn't matter) is big. The full version is on tumblr. Someday it's going to grow up to be a pretty poster.

Thank you for everyone who saw me at Bronycon, Otakon, San Japan, Kumoricon, and Baltimore Comic Con and specifically thank you to those of you who have told me you just keep this comic in your bookmarks and read it every couple months. I'm sorry updates have been such slow going. I'm not going to give up on this comic, I've poured too much effort in now to quit. It will just take as long as it takes.

As of now, my convention season is mostly done for this year!!! It's a huge relief! It was really stressful, but also very successful, but I'm looking forward to just drawing for a while. >< Drawing TG as well as some illustrations for art books + some more art for games coming up. Now that conventions are done, freelance begins. 8I We can all sleep when we're dead.

I hope everyone who reads this message also had a good last two months of summer!
TG 129
;_; I'm ashamed it took so long to finish this page. Thank you for not giving up on this comic.

Unfortunately there will be more delays. In the next three weeks, I'm moving houses and doing three shows AND the next page is a double page spread with a central panel that I'd really like to do a good job on. ><

Just to be contrary, my photoshop has begun to freeze and need to be restarted every time I try to resize an image. So many hours have been sacrificed to this problem on this 10 year old computer.... uuuugh please just ...

I will try to post the sketched version in a week or two.

Here are maps for the three shows I'll be doing!


<img src="">


<img src="">

San Japan
Aaaah my frands and I are all scattered around at this one.

<img src="">
June 15th, 2013
TG 128
Art dump on tumblr.

This page is about Sedna making weird faces. More would have fit on this page, but do you ever get that piece of script where it's a weird interrupted thought to include those last one or two panels but not the panel that comes after them? This is like that. The first panel of the next page couldn't really go on this page because of pacing and connected dialog.

Lately everything has been a mess. We have been apartment searching since April. 8( I've also not been feeling well. I've seen a doctor, but the doctor has referred me to a specialist, and the specialist is going to cost more money than I have (as in the specialists + tests will cost 4 digits in America if I can find nothing else.) So I've been trying to find charities or income based payments or SOMETHING. I have nothing to say about it that isn't a downer.

So here's a TG related thing that is gay. Just warning, if you do totally not want to know, you don't have to know. If pairings are your thing, awesome. If not, TG isn't really about pairings anyway.

Also, Losing Altitude. It's a kickstarter you might even like a little bit? It is an art book I hope to take part in! The book (and deck of cards) will feature beautiful illustrations of endangered bird species. I hope to paint an Ivory Gull or a Marbled Murrelet.
May 12th, 2013
TG 127
Tumblr dump of panel art.

I'm back from Anime Boston and from A-kon! And they both went pretty well! Thank you so much to everyone who came and saw me at both events. >< It does always surprise me how many people STILL read this comic that doesn't update nearly enough.

I think panel 3 is one of my favorite panels ever.

I only ever offer original art from the comic for sale if I think it's a better original, good colors, nice and flat for hanging. OF COURSE IT WOULD HAPPEN that the vomit panel is a favorite of mine, the colors are nice, and it stretched nice and flat. So the vomit panel is for sale, how can you pass it up???

In a few days I'm sure I'll think I'm less funny and remove it, but I need a few days for my sense of humor to go back to normal. After AB and A-kon, I'm dead tired.
April 13th, 2013
TG 126 Sketch
I've been sort of having problems lately, so I'm going to make a short author comment. It can be a bullet list of things that are awesome!! Do you know what's awesome about bullet lists?!?!? THEY'RE SUPPOSED TO BE SHORT AND TO THE POINT WITH NO ELABORATION IT'S TOTALLY GREAT.

- Everblue started chapter 4 OH MAN I'M EXCITED!!!

- I'm gonna be part of a horrific werewolf calendar if it can get all the funding it needs which might be pretty hard so please go check out that indiegogo campaign.

- Lost in the Vale started YEEEEESSSSSSS
Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace because otherwise this layout looks weird when I don't write an absolute novel beneath every update.
March 28th, 2013
TG 125
See some panels larger over on tumblr.

Soooo I think I'll post the sketch for page 126 probably Fri or Sat! I'd really like to try and go to DC and see the cherry blossoms blooming. I've always lived in a place that was too cold for flowering trees before this year. X3

This page. 8T I don't know about it. Too many sound effects. I really don't want to be inserting sounds to make up for graphics that don't properly tell the story, I HOPE that's not happening here, but I can really not tell. I don't trust my judgement anymore. I'm most not sold on panel 2 where Sedna is crouching and just waiting.

What I wanted:
Last page, some rocks tumble down near is paw.
This page, he goes rigid, claws come out.
He crouches, because what else can he do? Run somewhere else where the rocks won't pitch him off a cliff? So he just clings there, muscles tensing.
Vidu does totally not notice anything.
THAT ONE STUPID TINY PEBBLE FALLS, adding just that much more weight to where Sedna is standing.
All the shit breaks loose.
By the time Sedna find's his voice he's plunging into the dark chasm. Vidu stirs finally just in time to skrak indignantly at being woken up.

But pictures. :/ They speak 1000 words. Frequently those 1000 words are about my short comings as an artist. I kind of hate that 1000 word saying for this reason.
March 21st, 2013
TG 124

The scanner finally arrived and then I could scan everything and take forever to color it! yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

I've been meaning to pitch some comic recommendations to you. X3

<img src=" " border="0">
Ianua : magicians, pretty boys, demons, nice art, engaging story for the small amount there is of it. I met the creative pair at Ohayocon and they were so nice and sweet. o3o

<img src =" ot; border="0">
This comic is produced by my wonderful friend Robin and I am ridiculously thrilled that she started a webcomic! Her work is beautiful, Ushala so far is sporting a lot of the landmarks that I find very attractive in anything at all. Strong female leads, pretty boys, 80s elf hair mops, boobs, unavoidable destinies, reincarnation problems. I'm excited.
January 17th, 2013
TG 123 <~ it's 1 2 and 3!!! THAT'S IMPORTANT.
<img src="">< br /> It was a childhood dream of mine to draw manga, and use the most ridiculous patterns I could find in the background.

Soooo yeah. It's been two months. I really want to thank everyone who stopped by to leave some encouraging words. Starting to draw TG again has felt sort of like returning to an old home (complete with fears of being not good enough or unwanted or ignored.) But your nice comments have made me feel better. ;__; There were also ... mean comments ... but you will not read those, because I have deleted them! They make all your nice comments that much more lovely!

Hey also some of you are leaving comments about TG not working in IE?? I seriously need to make some website updates, super bad, but haven't had time. If any of your are web designers, could you take a look at what might be messing up TG in Internet Exploder? I'm neither good nor fast at website fixing.

AND DO YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE??? DESTINED LEGENDS IS DONE. DL is that thing I've been working on for the past two months instead of updating TG. Gradually the illustrations I've done for DL are going to trickle out onto the internet. X3 There's a bunch. This project really made me level up as a watercolor painter.

On the horizon, then:
Updating TG.
But I'm also going to take my DL paintings and I'll be applying to a few places! Because it's time for me to start hunting freelance. I love TG, and I love conventions, but I'm not sure how sustainable this is. I need to be finding work with other projects.

First company I'm going to finally have the balls to apply to: Wizards of the Coast.

And then I'll go from there, applying to all the companies I never have had the courage to try for. 8(

Wish me luck, I guess! And check back next week, because comic pages. DX
December 21st, 2012
Holiday 2012 Wallpaper
There are three different wallpapers of this image, plus the full image in a zip pack that can be downloaded from deviantart!

Merry Christmas and other holidays! I'm currently visiting my parents for a week, so no update next week.

ahahaaa geeeez I hope you aren't flying during this holiday. I just flew and nearly every aspect of the adventure was blanketed in problems. Overbooked flights, late flights, nonexistant flights, weather problems, reroutings. It took me I think 26 hours to get home and I wasn't even flying internationally. For that amount of time and hassle, I think next year I will just visit Australia for Christmas. It would probably be easier than visiting family in an opposite corner of the US.

So anyway ~ thanks very much for continuing to read this book even though it is the slowest updating book on the internet. T_T I will try to make every update worth it.
December 13th, 2012
TG 122
ahahaaaaaaaaa. uuuh .... *dissentigrates into crying* So much work. I'm really trying harder at drawing the inside of Angelique's shop. I think it looks okay. >< More accurately, I think it looks okay mostly when viewed through the lense of understanding my past environment failures. (Chapter 2................)

How to waste page space and generally dither around with storytelling to the great frustration of most readers (just in case you needed help doing this, I mean, I don't want to assume but I also don't want to leave you in the dark about my genius methods): decide that it is extremely important to portray how a light source recedes up a cliff side. Layout pages so that 1/3 of the page is consumed by this paltry environment study. Repeat this layout over a series of pages.

NO BUT DON'T YOU SEE IT IS SO IMPORTANT TO MY VIIIISIOOOOOOON. IT SETS THE MOOD OF A DARK WORLD WITH A SINGLE POINT OF LIGHT LEAVING VOID BEHIND IT. (Because the previous couple dozen pages of chapter 3 were... somehow ... not enough to observe this ....)

I did work on Destined Legends stuff. Here are roughs from Jacqueline! I'm pretty excited to paint this one!

There probably won't be an update next week because I'm going home for Christmas and bringing all my watercolor supplies (a full suitcase) and not my computer. 8(

T_T I wish I had something cool to give you guys for Christmas. But I don't. I have no wallpapers or special stuff handy. --------------- OH WAIT. OH WAIT I JUST HAD AN IDEA.

Okay. There might be a Christmas update. It just won't be a page, it will be a wallpaper. If I get it scanned and fitted to the wallpaper format.

Because for reals anyone left who still checks this website after my waffly updates that consist of lights traveling up cliff sides totally deserves some sort of gift, even if it's in the form of a measly digital download.

You know what's coming.

There's only one thing that could come after this rambly author comment.


An entire wallpaper - no - an entire wallpaper SET dedicated to lights on cliff sides.
November 23rd, 2012
TG 120-121
Not much of an update, just finished painting the left page.

Other art:
1. Some Destined Legends sketches
2. panels from this page + sketches from the next page
3. My Little Pony doodle I love season 3. X3

Hey, thanks for sticking with this comic even though it doesn't update much. :P I really do continue to advise anyone to just bookmark this thing and read it monthly or bimonthly or so.

Since Destined Legends completed its funding, I've been working on card art! That will be a thing that keeps happening until January/February time. But it's gonna be totally worth it! It's a great game, and the art I'm producing for it is pretty fantastic. o3o

And then in January/February conventions will start again. XDDD

This comic will just never be updated on a schedule.

But on the plus side, I'll never burn out and quit, either? And as long as I keep finding work and going to artist alleys, I won't starve?

So uh. Longevity and endurance, YES. Punctuality and speed, less so.
October 19th, 2012
TG 118 + 119
Tum blr art dump of page 119.

Yes that bottom panel was totally absolutely necessary to make this into a double page spread!! TOTALLY. //// (noreallyiswear actually the next pair of pages is also a double spread, so this spread is mean to be leading into that spread, not just in story but in ... form??)

This scene is FINAAAAAAAALLY about to cut back to Anya, Angelique, and Skittlez. I'm feeling excited. There will be a short scene in the coffee shop, then another relatively short scene for Vidu and Sedna, then a longer scene in the coffee shop ... and then the thing happens. Two big things happen in chapter 3. The first is the smaller of the big things, but I've been looking forward to it since before I drew page one. x___x AAAAAAA. Chapter 3 is the major event set up for everything ever for the rest of Vidu's life. If you're a writer, you probably know what I mean. It's that piece of backstory that unlocks 10 more stories, but until that one beginning story is told, no other story can possibly make sense. Every other story is totally dependant on this chapter 3. It kind of freaks me out. It also hypes me up to be RELEASED from it. So. Yeah. In like 30 pages, the first of the big things happens. It's a big thing that some of you are probably already expecting. Considering all the myths tha are leading towards it, the story can't not got there. The point isn't what happens, it's such a repeated story across many legends, but HOW it happens. ohmanohman. It's a known story, but it's never been told with Vidu and Sedna.


I did finally get the Cerulean Blue paint that delayed me for so damn long. :/ In the future, I need to give up on UPS and just Fedex anything that is at all time sensitive.

THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE WHO VOTED FOR THAT COYOTE PAINTING OVER ON DANIEL SMITH!!! 8D It was a monthly winner! So that means .... 50$ gift certificate! I'm probably going to buy mat board with it!!! I'M SO EXCITED, I am totally out of mat board. Oh and I'll buy MORE paint, because colors are a drug.

If I can impose on you, the contest is actually continuing. The coyote moves on to being juried by a group of professionals now, but a new round of monthly voting has started! In this month's voting, I have a My Little Pony painting! AND! I have Sedna and Vidu. I'll let you decide which of them you feel most like voting for. X3

Lastly (but not in importance, geez this is such a novel of a comment) DESTINED LEGENDS happened!

<iframe frameborder="0" height="380" src=" idget/card.html" width="220"></iframe>

If you follow my work anywhere else, you've already seen it, but just incase you haven't, here it is! You should totally go take a look! I'm really excited for all the art I have done and am now going to do! At least 20 pieces are forthcoming, a few of them big ones, my current big project being that picture of the black and red dragons.
October 9th, 2012
TG 117

Can you go vote for this coyote painting? I'd really like to try and win one of those 50$ gift certificates that're up for grabs from my favorite paint supplier. >_> ... YOU SEE ALL THESE BLUE COLORS IN THIS COMIC? YOU KNOW HOW MUCH DAT COSTS? Way a lot, go vote.

This page was made of rage. Panel 8 was awful, for no foreseeable reason. Monday night I snapped and went back to reinking it after having painted it a week ago (AFTER trying to edit it in photoshop for ages and ages and failing.)

You can see the before and after ink attack on tumblr, along with every other process thing and all the extra panel parts that get trimmed off.

Do you know what my favorite part of this page is?! Panel 3, which I spent 5 seconds on. Snotty little Sedna yanks the hair thingie. The end. 5 seconds of work. IT'S BETTER WHEN I DON'T TRY. *flails brush*

But none of that is important, this page is made of rage because I feel like I suck at portraying emotion or character development and no matter what I do, I'm not going to get Sedna and Vidu right. If you are an artist or a writer, you understand this feeling. The thing you put on the paper can be technically well rendered and a nicely put together composition, but it lacks all the feels.

If a smidgen of my feels makes it into this page and the next ten or so that follow from here, it will be a success.

If you love me, just pretend for me that all these pages spent trying to develop Vidu and Sedna meant something and that these imaginary people went from being strangers to friends in your heart somehow, despite the failings of this artist to portray it.

ps. The next update might not be until the 18th because it's probably a double page spread with some difficult panels. Plenty of unspoken feels and leaping wolves and MORE rock canyon walls. T_T; God, why do I take forever? Why?
September 27th, 2012
TG 116
Accompanying dump on tumblr of all process images.


So yes, I am now moved to Baltimore!

I'm not quite sure what to say about this place... uh too soon to pass judgement. (translation: I don't want to complain prematurely, but I'm ready to go home if only I could bring my roomates with me.)

Just maybe, I'll be updating regularly in the near future. I'm going to try, anyway.

Have I mentioned my awesome roomates?

Cassandra draws Magick Chicks and Severin just started his own comic called Tove and my fourth roomate Charles ... makes stuff? I'm sure I'll post youtube videos later of Charles' things.

But. Yeah. Seeing how far Cassandra and Severin have gotten in the four years since we all graduated is really amazing to me. +___+ I uh. Am not sure I have progressed so far, but am not in a position of objectivity to make that judgement so I will decline to do so. >_>
August 24th, 2012
Accompanying tumblr dump.

I really loved panel 6. And look how tiny it is. ...

<img src="">< br />
Panel 6 original is for sale, because I like it.

This is probably the last page for a few weeks.
Gotta go to Kumoricon over labor day weekend.
Then I'm moving to Baltimore.
Then I'm doing Baltimore Comic Con.
Which means I'm starting on the pile of freelance that's been building up ...
So maybe middle of september, there will be more pages.

A hectic three weeks on the horizon~~
thank you for your comments, and er, just being around I guess. heh. ^^ art and the internet seem like the only source of ever-present companionship I've had. I think I keep myself from stressing about moving or life or finances by stressing about what I'm currently drawing instead.

Which is why I picked a really difficult subject to paint while doing all the moving and the conventions. Coyote in a desert. Desert colors are really hard to manage, so many colors on top of each other, all vibrant.
August 9th, 2012
D00R : TG 114
HI I'm sorry I died for something like two months, there.

Here's a general run down.

<img src="">
1. OH OH OH that sketchbook I talked about in winter/spring of this year is finally printed! It was such a clusterfuck just trying to get the damn sketchbook! I'm horribly dreading future print runs of anything at all, and I think I know what printer I'll never be working with ever again. The title "Sketchbook 1" is kind of misleading in that I have decided to never ever make another sketchbook. And this one will never be reprinted, oh hell no. My loathing for book printing is probably palpable in the air around me after my experiences this summer. ^_________^ I wish I had better things to say about it, but the best statement is probably that this sketchbook is done, it is very nice, and it is DONE. For, like, ever. So please, if you'd like one, I'd really appreciate it considering all the effort that went into this project.

2. I've started using tumblr. In celebration, I have posted a dump dedicated to this page 114 right here! Have you ever wondered what I'm doing when I'm not posting art online or replying to your lovely comments? Probably I'm sketching a million versions of the same panel, trying to figure out why I suck so badly at art.

3. There's also a pile of new art on my deviantart account. I'm not even going to pick out individual special pieces, there's just a lot of it.

4. I have obsessive tendencies towards My Little Pony and Korra.

5. I went to Fanime, A-kon, Anime Expo, and Otakon. It was kind of intense.

6. Then I came home from Otakon and immediately became sick for a few days. While sick, I read Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Being that I was running a high temperature, I can't really remember most of it, but Mikael Blomkvist did manage to sleep with every woman in the book. Not that I can blame the women, of course. All the other men in this book are either freaks or are too old to be having erections. Yeah no doubt he's the best lay around when there are no other options.

7. Oh and I'm moving to Baltimore. It was a sudden decision, but what the hell.

8. I kind of broke up with my lover of three years.

9. And maybe I had insomnia for the entire month of July, which is probably why I became so sick and was a prime contributor in a bunch of really weird art I drew during that month. O_o ..... what's great is now that I'm back from Otakon, and then I became so sick and I slept for like a solid week, NOW I'm back to not sleeping much at all. Insomnia doesn't make much sense. I can't tell if there's actually something wrong with me or if I'm just stressed out of my mind. 8D It doesn't really matter, I can't afford to see a doctor. I'm not going to addict myself to sleeping pills, either. I'm just going to drink coffee and get over it.

10. Last cons of this year are Kumoricon and then Baltimore Comic Con. They're a week apart, and in that week between the two I'm doing that semipermanent move from WA state to Baltimore. I've resigned myself to it being kind of awful and impossible to coordinate well.

There were a few other things that happened, and they were relatively important and key deciding factors that are prompting me to move 2000 miles away. Some things though are destined to be private only.


I don't promise any permanent update schedule until mid September, but I'm sure I'll barf art all over various places between now and then. I don't promise any of that art vomit will actually be good, but I'll probably post it anyway.

My next step in my search for happiness and security is to catch all the unicorns and put them in the ocean where I can stare at them with my glassy old man eyes. That's totally why I'm moving to Baltimore, you know. Yes. It has easy ocean access for my unicorns. This used to seem far fetched to me when I first watched The Last Unicorn, but I'm starting to understand that no stretch is too great.
May 12th, 2012
D00R : TG 113
Firstly, that middle panel alone is painted bigger than most people make entire comic pages. 8| So you should go see the full version.

TWC: sketching an idea that I've really wanted to draw. Might try to finish in charcoal. Haha, originally this idea was spawned by me wanting to draw a cute picture of Korra with her polar bear dog. oAo Still might draw that someday. But I really want to make some more TG art. =___=; Even though selling fanart at shows is what funds everything here. (I LOVE KORRA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. Between Katniss, Korra, Brave, and the summer olympics, 2012 is seriously Bad Ass Female year.)

While working on that middle panel, I was mooning over Frank Eber's paintings. Love his textures without going into huge watercolor renderbation mode.

I wish I could take another watercolor class sometimes. Or study under a watercolor master. *___*

But considering tuition costs, I think staying out of debt is more important. I'll just be over here, flinging paint around until it does something sort of not awful.
May 4th, 2012
D00R : TG 112
TWC: A close up of panel 5, because the colors bled around kind of nicely. Look at the colors on the right hand. It looks like the scarf is reflecting light on his hand. <3 Purely by accident, of course, because watercolor never does anything nice on purpose.

I'll be happy when Vidu stops bleeding. Words can't express my annoyance at painting it. Every splatter I get is too huge and ridiculous for a nose bleed. Instead, here is a comic describing my frustrations.

<img src="">

Sedna in the second panel is my favorite. :B He's so dumb sometimes ... not much carnivore pride, there.

I almost went to stock images, but I persisted and eventually got appropriately sized splatters.

<img src=" ">

haha, this comic is funny. I wasn't expecting to like it, I was just blindly clicking on pretty banners. But here, it sucked me in and I was unable to update TG until I at least finished the first chapter. XD
April 19th, 2012
D00R : TG 110-111
So, er, work on TG continues very slowly ... still not giving up. c:

I'm going to Calgary in a week! With Amya.

<img src="">

It will be my first ever Canadian con. 8< I am kind of scared.... of, I don't know, being a hated foreigner. *EATS ALL THE FOOD, BUYS ALL THE COMICS, RUNS BACK ACROSS THE BORDER* >w<

And that TG related sketchbook is in production. Here's a few photos from my proof copy. X3 Maybe I'll even have copies of the sketchbook with me at Fanime! But not Calgary. I'm sorry. 8(

<img src="">

There might not be an update next week, but hopefully the week after I come home from Calgary.

Muaha, no sketchbook orders yet. I'm waiting until I actually have them, so I can mail them right away. No waiting. X3
March 9th, 2012
D00R : TG 109
Click here for finished Last Unicorn painting.

Things I'm working on:

1. TG sketchbook. I have piles of pencil drawings that have never been colored or posted online. I've been compiling them into a sketchbook that will be available in print for purchase or as a download in exchange for a donation (donations will probably be accepted in USD or fanart currencies. :P) The interior of the sketchbook is pretty much done, but I'm painting a cover art for it. I've now redrawn the cover three times. 9__9 <~ How many times have you read me doing this? Dozens of times, I'm sure. Just think of all the times I don't tell you about. O_o

2. Cover art for "Titan Magic" volume 2, a victorian era fantasy/action/drama novel trilogy. If you're interested in a new thing to read, start here. I wouldn't have agreed to cover art if I didn't read and enjoy book 1. It's well paced and I enjoyed the characters. Have a go of it if you're feeling exploratory.

3. Glass Dragon painting for a new card game called "Destined Legends". I've always wanted to paint cards for fantasy card games. C8 Here is a good excuse. This project is only just launching so there isn't much material available yet for preview.

4. Clothing for Rescreatu. Res is a pet site (something like Neopets or Pokemon) that also incorporates dolls users may dress up. I design cloths for these dolls. It's super fun! :B Though I knew February would be really busy, so I haven't done much Res work this month. ;__________; I miss it.

5. My convention season is starting. >3< I went to RadCon in WA this month, and it was awesome! Next up, Emerald City Comic Con and Sakura Con at the end of March in Seattle.

6. A TG related story (about Sedna and the fish, actually) will be in an anthology that probably won't come out for another year. XD But planning stages, rough drafts and quick sketches, are happening now. It should be a super awesome anthology with a bunch of other webcartoonists you're probably already acquanted with. +__+ More on this project in the coming months, I'm sure, as nothing at all is available yet.

7. Actual TG pages. There are a bunch of half drawn ones on the floor currently. :/ I will try to update as soon as possible. >< But I seriously wonder if that's going to happen until early April. At least everything I'm working on is very challenging, I will improve as an artist. Already I look at the beginning of chapter 3 and think I have improved.


Thank you so much to everyone who sticks with this comic even though I'm going through a phase where updating once a month is difficult. I'm so lucky to have a dedicated audience that whines lovingly, when whining is necessary. >3< *hughughug* And it is necessary. One page a month sucks.