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My custom sprites and other sprites will go on adventure! DON'T YOU DARE STEAL THEM!


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what was that i am recovering from shock
making cool GOOD sprites will. and begging for fans will get you nowhere.
Then what will?
.... These are not custom.

And begging for fans wont help srsly.
I'm despart
Please read this comic and like it! You can pertend to like just add to favourites or give full stars on each page. Oh, by the way the cupcake comes with chocie of toppings : )
Sakuras a mad. Imagagine her with an umbrella. *Shudders then passes out*
I'm geussing Zangoose also has Sharingan?
Furrphy looks so cute!
P.S The zangoose is from the Uchia clan :)
totally am stelaing your sprites btw
So, i herd u leik Pokeman? Lol, Pokemon is awesome.
August 27th, 2009
Hey! This was suppose to be my banner but its
too big :( It took me ages seriosly! Hope u like it!