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Vampires exist, but they aren't the only stalkers.

Made in the Sims2.
Updates Fri/Sat/Sun.

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January 22nd, 2012
over already T.T you're updating this soon??
January 22nd, 2012
heart next to " i know right" XD gay guy secretly in love ?
January 22nd, 2012
LOL XDD " she's probably frying some crook in the lie detector"
What did you read that upset you so much? o.o -curious-
Things I have read on Encyclopedia Dramatica about Smackjeeves upset me. Therefore, I am now only on Smackjeeves to update some of my comics. This comic is one of them!

I am on Comic Fury, and am now far more active there!

In fact, I have a brand new comic there! Its called Baby Aliens. It is different from this comic in every way imaginable! Why not take a look?
[/shameless plug]
Baaaaad image quality!
I saved this wrong. I'm sorry.
Took down the Xmas filler page. I hate things like Xmas pages clogging up comic archives unnecessarily. But if you want to see it anyway, I put it on my photobucket for all to enjoy:
Sorry for the late update, but here are all the updates at once to make up for it!
(New comics start at Night Falls 7)

Readers of Soundless Medium: Its going on hiatus! Sorry. I've just got massive writers block.
I like that first panel. I mean, I really do. I like it so much. The standard for camera angles in my comic has been raised!
Comic is back!
Triple update today, since the pages are very boring. Read this comic and the two after it for the full update!

Going back to a Fri-Sat-Sun update schedule. Following some criticism I have received, the pages now have more panels on them.

I can't promise something new happening every update, as that would ruin the pace of the story for the archive readers. Indeed, there are a lot of establishing shots at the start of the chapter. But I can promise more every update, and I hope you all enjoy it!
November 27th, 2009
Nooo! Must...have...more!
This comic will be taking a brief break now. Be back soon!
November 20th, 2009
He is a peddo bear!!!
Unrelated thing
Does anyone know any good tutorials for fan comics online? Like, how to write stories for them and that? I want to do a fan comic, but am having difficulty finding dedicated guides for them.
November 10th, 2009
Someone's a creeper.
This is the first flashback story. I hope for it to give more information on details I feel lacking. There will be more flashbacks in future.
October 26th, 2009
LOL Poor Adrian. Not everyone enjoys drinking.
Oh man, what a downer. xD
Because I can't stop fucking with the update schedule
This comic will now be updating every weekday, rather than on the weekends. This means five updates a week, as opposed to three. Hurray.