Retro Farm

The weird adventures of Dave (the red guy) and Pete (the yellow guy) in the crazy world of video games.


Super Mario Bros (NES)
Sonic the Hedgehog (Mega Drive/Genesis)
Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee (PS1)
Golden Axe (Mega Drive/Genesis)
Pac-Man Goes to Rehab
Retro Farm World Tour (Crossover chapter)

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@TheJGamer: Correct! You win the prize!
This comic was great. And the fact that I got almost all of the references was greater.
@A person: I've uploaded the whole of Retro Farm onto DeviantArt:
and re-linked the broken pages so they should all work now.
Hate to rain on the parade, but a lot of the pages in World Tour are broken. I've tried this on 3 different devices, and it's all been the same. But beside that, I've really loved this comic. It's been a great ride.

Please do more sometime.
@a random person: cheers bud, you're my hero!
@A random person: Thanks!
This one is broken as well
@A random guy: Thanks buddy, should work now.
Oh boy, another one
@A random guy : should be working now, thanks for the heads up!
The page is broken
to me uber clonic seems like a mix between genasect and mewtwo
That mew was absolutely necessary.
I can't say I read this that much until recently. I'm still sad to see it go. This site needs more comics like these. You know, the kind that are actually funny. Thanks for all the laughs.
jimlad you should make more modern retro farm with newer games and stuff. like splatoon or something
great comic. please make more comics!
how did link survive that stab in the chest?
something about uber clonic reminds me of a pokemon