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In this low-budget comic, Anonymous is a brown-suited trainer who dresses similarly to Riley and is about to go on his Pokémon journey. His journey begins a tad early when his own parents kick him out of the family.

Now with a starter Kabutops, [No Name] sets off on his crazy quest, only to face a rival with uber-powerful Pokémon, an insane team that consists of noobs, and physics-defying events. But who needs a coherent plot?

Rated PG for cartoon violence, constant rude humor, infrequent language, and occasional drug references. (This rating is extremely relative to the PG-13 rating I gave ARK and Buttshot)

Updates whenever.

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Yay, this comic includes my favorite Pokemon, Flygon! Just a cameo, but still...
I love this
Nice touch on the SkittyXWailord couple, also!
Yes that's the same Ditto as from the last page. I got lots of stuff figured out for what I want to do with it.

Müt now uses Comic Sans because screw it. I started doing that "talk in a different font" thing mainly to distinguish the grunts that followed him around, anyway.

I think we all know what the "things" in Tanbura Cave represent. I should go ahead and note that not all of them are crazy or dumb like these, but the worst ones are; and the Noob Realm is meant to reflect the worst parts of the Internet (which, as Müt points out by noting Tanbura Cave's saner population, is not an absolute itself).

Also, to my Japanese readers (there might be none of you, but hi!), I'm aware that it has a separate name in your language (Foro), but I called it Tanbura so that non-Japanese readers could catch on.
It's been too long.

The DUN DA DUM DA DUN is supposed to be interpreted as the Windows XP boot theme.

(It's also my birthday today. Wee)

If you have trouble understanding what happened, Relicanth's text is your key.

Ukuze ukunqoba ukubheja, kumelwe uzibambe intukuthelo kwaletha ngamabomu ivela. Uma ulahlekelwa, izingane zenu uqalekisiwe phakade.
Oh god this page had me rofl'ing so much
Best battle to ever grace my eyes
youngsparky (Guest)
November 21st, 2014

I made another one. It's been five years, and the ideas really came rushing in. (On the 20th, when I made this, at least) Probably the most effort I've put in any page yet.

Happy Halloween!
This is basically supposed to be a prelude to the next page, which will be a flashback page showing Registeel's "childhood".

Ironically, the shortest of the newer pages is the one with the most action.
I want it to be known that this was made and posted before Ultimate Yoshi finished his review of the comic. As such, I don't even know if he hates the comic at the time of this writing, so take note that the Pokémon Center portion was not some sort of metaphor for criticism of the comic. (Maybe I'm thinking too deep into it. I probably am)

This was a tough page for me. It went through several rewrites (TONS of them), I suffered numerous cases of writers' block, etc. All-in-all I'd say it came out good. Some awkwardness that I didn't get around to explaining, but also a few funny moments. (Could you tell I've been saving the "shoo!" gag for a little while?)

I'm going to try and flurry the pages as best I can, because once ORAS comes out in November this comic is as good as dead for at least a few months afterwards.
September 26th, 2014
The review.
@Ultimate Ridley: I haven't read your comic, but a comic of mine got reviewed by Ultimate Yoshi himself, so yeah, good luck mah fraiend!
Ultimate Ridley
September 26th, 2014
@witswithme: To what are you referring? The gushing about ideas for continuing the plot, or the part about the review?
September 21st, 2014
@Ultimate Ridley: True...I guess...
If you say so...
So now you get to see how the movie ended.

I should note that despite the fact that the descriptions of Mr. Director Guy's "previous projects" mentioned in Page 60 are exact synopses of ARK and Buttshot (my previous two projects), and his confounding decision making can be seen as an analogue to me making crazy decisions for the comic's story, Mr. Director Guy is not supposed to be me.

Proof: He cries when his movie doesn't win any awards. The worst I got was a little sassy with critics (I was 15, remember). I didn't even delve into a planned gag about critics of this comic and their usual complaints because I'm having this comic reviewed as we speak, and that would be bad form.

Also, no, despite the blatant reference to yaoi comics and gritty Sonic comics in the newspaper panel, I am not butthurt that this comic never became as popular as them. I'm personally happy that it outpaced ARK and Buttshot in success by a long shot.

Also the faded ink in the newspaper panel is a paragraph about puppies. Not really. But you can't tell, can you? Only a few words can really be made out.

And Turd-Boy George... I didn't do that on purpose, I swear. I noticed it immediately after writing that box, but I totally didn't plan that little joke ahead of time. I wanted to give him a "generic" name; Paul was the first that came to mind, but that's an anime character; I briefly thought "Bob" but that was quickly squashed for obvious reasons. So then I thought "George". And then I wrote the box.
So after making Page 59, I didn't really know where to go next with the comic, despite having a general idea of where the plot was going. I just couldn't get anything funny written. So, two weeks later, I decided I'd do a kind of "origin story" for Mr. Director Guy, because he's so damn fun to write. It also goes into detail behind the movie subplot I'm sure many people thought was too random.

The resulting page was also 93 panels long.

I cut the thing into two parts. Yes, even Pogeymanz has a "too big".

Also, Manchain is apparently Gaelic (Irish) for "Manchester", which is why Mr. Director Guy calls him "Manchesteriorio" during the phone call. (The "iorio" is because Italian)

In reality, Manny is half-Manx, i.e. from the Isle of Man, a tiny little island found between Great Britain and Ireland. The Manx language is different from Gaelic (though both are part of the same branch of Goidelic languages), but it doesn't have a translator on Google Translate whereas Gaelic does (as "Irish") so I went with the closest thing. I was planning on making this a gag, but I didn't have the room or context for it (I only vaguely plan the gags; I write the dialogue after I've created the panels).
@Vash_ts: You might find that you're not far off.
My bet is that his last pogeymon is The Internetz itself
Finally, the plot kicks off again!

Come on, if I ended the comic by Page 60-ish, the ending would be abrupt. I just feel like there's so much more that I can do with the story. For example, how legendary Pokémon factor into the story (you'll meet a lot of them during Registeel's campaign, but most are just background characters or only appear in side activities), how Team Nubzorz came into the picture, and how Clair and Bob's side of the story has anything to do with anything.

Stay tuned. If you're still reading this, that is. (I've not been receiving comments on any of the new pages [i.e. pg53 and onward])

EDIT 7/27/2014: I've been lacking in inspiration these past few weeks. I write a scenario, and it's just not very funny. So, the next page is gonna be a little different. It won't really advance the plot, but it will tie up some holes. It's also probably going to be massive, perhaps eclipsing "Page 55: Moar Plot" in size. We'll have to see. (I'll probably make it, split it in two, and submit both at once)

Also, I got this comic on the waiting list for Ultimate Yoshi's review comic, Ulti Reviews. Anyone familiar with his reviewing style should expect Pogeymanz to score relatively low.
EDIT 9/30: As an addendum to the above, the comment about this comic likely scoring low is just my prediction, and was written before the hullabaloo with Ultimate Yoshi and the various reactionary review comics. No ill-will is intended towards UY, who has stated that he'll approach future comics he reviews with a more critical eye.

Still, I expect Pogeymanz to score relatively low because it seems like it doesn't hold up well when thoroughly scrutinized. I've had about ten formal reviews of Pogeymanz written, and only about four of them were remotely positive. And opinions on Pogeymanz tend to be very polarized anyway ("love it or hate it"). Here's to hoping, though, because at the time of this writing, Pogeymanz is next up.
There are people who dislike (and even some who despise) Pogeymanz because the humor is "too random". I seriously doubt I'll be changing their minds with this page.
A continuation of Clair and Bob's side of things. The plot barely moves in this page, but there's more character development in this page than most. Notice how Clair, originally the One Sane Man of the comic, is becoming the least sane character of them all.

(Also, this page sets up a Hidden Room event in Registeel's campaign of the game [which is nowhere near complete] when he passes through the beach; keep an eye out for a purple towel!)

I have no excuse for yet again promising to continue the comic to its end, but I will say that the release of Pokémon X & Y shortly after the release of the previous page hardly helped my procrastination. It was a silly promise for me to make so close to the game's release. (In a cruel twist of fate, I haven't been playing it this whole time; I spent almost twice as much time since on Civilization V, a game I discovered merely weeks after Pokémon X & Y's release.) Rest assured, the comic will end, but I can't guarantee when. I regret not powering through it back in 2009 (I began to slip schedule in November--I once apologized for a week-long hiatus! Hah!) but it can't be helped now.