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Where I post random ideas for comics that will probably never take off.

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2009 in a nutshell, basically
I've been spriting for a long time-- an embarrassingly long time. Despite this, my ability is mediocre at best. To make up for it, I had tried to excel in comic making and basically Photoshopped the hell out of every comic I made in an attempt to craft pages that could be deemed as eye candy. Comic making became tedious, however, when I realized that I spent at least half an hour working on any given panel. I'm a slow comicer, and as a result, little progress was ever made on any comic I've attempted. What's left when my comics die are multiple .txt files describing what could've been and abandoned sprites. I've picked out some of my favorite sprites that I've done over the years and decided to explain how they came to be.

Row 1 are leftovers from various fantasy/medieval/sword slinging adventure comics, circa 2009. First up is a knight sprite that I remain very proud of even now. As a knight, obviously his sole purpose in existing is to protect his princess, his lady. Afterwards is what was supposed to be an elf who was a baddy gone good due to mutual interests with the knight. Afterwards is him with a cloak for some reason, followed by the princess herself. I experimented with making a decent dress for her and eventually came up with that, the ultimate generic princess. On the bottom of 1 is the sword slinging hero himself, Vane. Despite his shocking resemblance to a certain anime hero with a sword as well, Vane was an original character do not steal whose goal in life was, of course, to be the hero to the princess. He also coincidentally looks a lot like hedgehog!Van and thus his name was chosen.

Row 2 features a bunch of bad guys who were too BAD for a comic (not really). First up is Mr. ~Enigma~. As if the angsty posture didn't give it away, he's a monster set on revenge. Nobody knows what his face looks like, not even me. One of the only good things about him was the cool hood I made for him. Afterwards is Box. Box was set to be the main antagonist in a comic I made called "Living in a Dream" and even made a quick appearance on the title page, but LiaD never made it that far (of course). Third up for bad dudes is a lion!!! Lions are really cool and I really like this sprite. That's about it.

Row 3 features Miss eyepatch, which was suspiciously sprited shortly after I watched ef - a tale of memories. Hm. Well, moving on is the second version of, well, me--the author. I was never actually that punk rock looking and I've cut my hair since then. Ya. Last, but not least, is Willis Dai. He's one of those typical "I can't remember my past" characters with the twist that he's a robot built for the purpose of protecting some cute girl. I'm sure his story was ripped off from an anime also but it's not coming to me right now.

Please don't sue me.
and u know what else is hot
my se
men and photoshop skillz
dis shit hot like butter popcorn
April 24th, 2012
this shit right here
so here's what's going on
I'm going to talk a bit about what's coming up for me and the gang comic wise. If you don't care (everyone), feel free to stop reading here.

I'll put things in simple terms
Deluge is... dead and has been reborn.
Masterpiece is... slowly being worked on.
Digimon Saviors is... nearly dead but still kicking.

Here's what's going on with Deluge:
basically, Neroe nor I were really satisfied with how Deluge started out. It was an unplanned mess and the comic became really boring really quickly. We decided to scrap it a month or two ago and we started anew, creating and writing. We took our favorite parts of what was planned in the Deluge plot and added it to this new creation.

Dubbed "Tales of Allora: The Crossing", the comic takes the place of where Deluge was and expands. The plot is completely revised from what you saw in Deluge and the characters have been reinvented. We're all looking forward to working on this new project. I also posted the new world map for The Crossing, so go look at it.

So go check that out. We'll update it soon. Maybe.
Masterpiece is same old same old. Expect more updates by 2015. As for Digimon Saviors, I'm not entirely sure what Neroe's planning on doing. From what I understand, he wants to focus his attention more on The Crossing right now, but I don't think this is the end for Digimon Saviors. Updates will still come, so no need to worry. Maaaybe.

I think that's it.
ollies outtie
because ive had an ip ban for like the last 4 years and i figured it would still be on. apparently not.
April 11th, 2012
why do you have like 10 accounts TCF
you should have given up before page 1.
this is horrible and van has an angry mono.

feel bad.
April 8th, 2012
i probably should've given up after page 1 but i didnt.
dat seifuku.

also her rotated arm looks retarded.
it's shit
i hate myself and want to die
February 26th, 2012
Damn it, Van.
I was kidding. Stop being a tsunshun and unblock me.
February 15th, 2012
I'm proud.
Of my Jew nose.

Aryan master race.
February 12th, 2012
So, uh
I made these in 2009. They're really bad in comparison to my newer spriting style, so I've been meaning to update the sheet for the longest time. Hopefully I'll get around to it one day. I'd also like to make sheets for the female and fox zombies (both of which were created by the lovely Neroe/Bringer_of_Light). You can see them in action in my Z-Day comic (which I'm still really proud of).

Also, you can pretty much ignore everything under "You may not", because I really don't care if you steal them or whatever, and nobody credits anyway.

Also, Masterpiece is now a fetish pandering comic.
@searo: but babbeyz, i miss u
January 23rd, 2012
January 23rd, 2012
January 22nd, 2012
@xVegitox: Indeed. I'm not going to start posting until I get to about 10 issues or so, so that at least if it dies, there'll be something to show off. Though, I feel like I'm getting progressively better at keeping comics alive. I've been comicing for Deluge a lot more, as well as Masterpiece.

@Risky2k: Soon... soon.