It all started with a game.

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Very cute couple. and i like this story line
June 26th, 2017
asggfkgkhhgfjh they're so gay, it's adorable <3
you know life likes to kik my ass to so i get it and hope you get some rest cant wait till next update! :)>
Thanks for the new wallpaper! ;D
Take care and see you soon!
They are adorable!!
Oh the blushing!!
Little filler because I'll be away this week (at E3 HEYOOOO) and also an explanation for lack of udpate-
life is still kicking my ass, with nonstop garbage happening left and right.
Once this trip is out of the way I'll have some free time again to get some things in order and pick up regular updates again.
Until then, I love you guys so so much and appreciate your patience with my stupid ass.
I'll see you guys in a little bit. <3 <3 <3
@Hally: why shut up im screaming it to
"mom looks at me like im crazy even though shes used to it lol"
@Hally: your so cute!!
May 30th, 2017
Love them!
They are such cuties. I'm curious what's going on with the blond and the singer--that was cute too. But I love LoverBoys the most.
Look at them having a blast! Our babies are so damn cute :') I just hope they make out :)
@yasha.queen: yes!!!! Dark corner, Dark corner Dark corneeer! Ok I'll shut up now lol
So where are they running off too?? So cute!! I hope they find a dark corner to make out!!
@deitlinde: No need to be sorry do what you have to do.
I see a spinoff in the future.
ugh god i'm sorry about this wonky ass update schedule; spring has been kicking my ass lately??? there are so many things happening, fam
Gaaaah they're so perfect! I love how sexy they're dancing :3 I also love how Rio makes it all a game when he's feeling too much :3
Binge read this??when I was supposed to be studying....worth it