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Concept Art for my comic, "A Minor Fantasy".

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August 18th, 2016
sommeee daaay
@The_mad_one: Poke poke
Been forever since I posted anything here.

Still going to start this comic. Some day.
I've decided on Enzo. :3
Why no Jimothy. ;-;
I said I'd consider Arman I later added I don't like it. Gerald fits him.
I thought that was 'Arman' 0_0.
Gerald shall be the name for the swordsman from earlier. I forgot that though thx.

As for Gandorlam it sounds a bit too evil. He's a friendly energetic guy. And Jimothy Breadman.... Nah.
I thought you liked the name Gerald.
Why oh why do I want him to be named Jimothy Breadman?
I think he should be called gandorlam
It's been lying on the desk for a while and I have to smile whenever I look at it, his face is very amusing. ^_^

I'm proud of it, cept the nose it's going totally the wrong way and is BEHIND his cheek, I switched the direction of his face whilst drawing. Also his left ear went slightly wrong.

Anyway, left one was the first. I wasn't sure what to do so I just drew the shapes I wanted. I gave him a cool hat and a hunchback, though as you can see I'm not exactly sure how to do a hunchback. I gave him elven ears, but then decided on him being human.

Next came the facial details, note: this is the first time I drew moustache and beard correctly! 'cept the beard should go a bit more towards his ears *sigh*.
I learned noses and ears grow your entire life, therefore older people have large noses and ears. I cheaped out on the ears, but the nose size looks good like this.

I took the thing all the villagers (I need a name for the village as well) wear on their chest and made it look a bit more special since he's a mage.

The hunchback is going every which way, feel free to ignore.

I'm very happy with these results, I'm pretty much done with drawing him already. ^_^
The Slurphoth is the same creature as the Prodoscgoo, I didn't like that name so slurphoth it is. I messed up the mouth on the right one. :(

The slurphoth are farmed in the village and therefore I need farmers the left head was first concept the right 2nd. He looked so much like Popeye that I added a pipe and the can. :3

I'll either enjoy or hate spriting slurpoths I'll have to wait and see.
February 3rd, 2010
That... is awesome
Yeah even though I said I wouldn't upload his sprites here anymore this is an experiment so makes most sense in this 'comic'.

I'm planning to do this for all my sprites, though only when I need them for the comic else it'll be way too much work.

I'm not sure what inspired me to this. I always disliked the blockiness off sprites at 200%, 300%, etc. especially in the faces, but I didn't like the drawing mouths and eyes thing that most people do cuz it makes the rest of the sprite look worse. So it kinda makes sense improving the whole sprite.

I might have also been inspred by RyanMC's spriting resize tutorial as well:

I know I will use this method for further resizes of the sprites.

First of all I need poses though and since I'll make them when I need them, I'll need a story and for that I need more characters and a background. In other words, no more TMO sprites for a (probably long) while.
But it's not his parrot! D:
The parrot should DEFINATELY be called donut.
I'll keep Arman in mind

Edit: Nah Arman's no good.
Name suggestions.

Did 3 experiments here, and it ended up looking wrong.

experiment 1: start the drawing at the sword.
experiment 2: have his hand in tense pose.
experiment 3: don't think just draw the hand.

I'm not sure what caused it to go wrong the most.

Oh and there's a bird with 3 eyes a fantasy world needs animals I didn't give that enough thought yet.

Things to change:
Long sleeves are annoying to swordfighters
Those shoes are ugly

I do like the sword.

Edit: oh right the abs were cuz I could. I wanted to know what it looks like and as one would expect on a shirt it looks weird.

Edit edit: feel free to suggest name. NOTE: THIS IS NOT TMO.
Perhaps Donut.

Edit: You made me think of Erika, I'll stick to that for now.