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A Tale of Two Sprites

by Oblivion_Awaits
"A Tale of Two Sprites" is a Kingdom Hearts sprite comic, which starts off with Riku and Sora who are transported into another dimmension. They will have lots of adventures and all kinds of shit. Updates are on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays(usually!).
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10 Years Ago
"A Tale of Two Sprites" is a Kingdom Hearts sprite comic, which starts off with Riku and Sora who are transported into another dimmension. They will have lots of adventures and all kinds of shit. Updates are on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays(usually!).

Recent Comments

To be honest, I loke ur comic and all but I don't like sora's food fedish.
U keep reeditting it, which i don't think is wrong but, ( correct me if i'm wrong) are nervouse or worried or something?
Haha. I woke up down today. YouÂ’ve cheeerd me up!
man this comic very good when is there going to be a new one
Is that...blood?
Disney will have a fit, lolcatz.
Hiya!! I really hope you post again soon because I love this comic. Its genious, and the coustom sprites are amazing!!
These are awsome, I dont know how long i've been reading them, but their well worth the time!!
My pokemons are
Empoleon Lv 75
Luxray Lv 72
Staraptor Lv 72
Crobat Lv 71
Rayquaza Lv 75
Giratina Lv 71
i nominate grayfang cause hes my brother...
oh wait, hes not doing smackjeeves anymoar.

I didn't know you had a Smackjeeves account, Deadgay.

Also, lol@theSakiMorimiavatarthatnoonepointingitoutandmebeingayearlatetodoso. Guess you liked those Johnnies more than you let on, eh?

BTW, people coming here: Don't expect this comic to ever update again. This guy has completely vanished from the Internet as of November 25, 2008. No one has seen him since.
A DUDE (Guest)
December 30th, 2009
if this was made after march 9 of '08 I'd say that Cloud is Sonic.
cannot wait need to read the next comic page
@Oblivion_Awaits: LOL. Well, I DID drop a few X Accuracys when I sent it out, which is why it was so close to fainting... ^^; But Togekiss? No problem, really. Thanks to Staraptor! BRAVE BIRDS OUT THE ASS!!!! XDD Well, two Brave Birds and a Fly. XDD Then LUXRAY THUNDER!!! And my speedy Leafeon got a good kill on Milotic when Luxray fell. Then finally Leafeon fell to Lucario but Infernape did the job well with FlameThrower.

In other news, I caught a LEVEL 98 Shiny Magikarp in the Resort Area! Now I've got a Red Gyarados at level 100!!! XDD
I keep forgetting to come back here and keep track of this comic! I missed like 15 or so panels, but I read em all and its still just as awesome!!!
Yeah, that's usually my approach... make em as I need em. And since I didn't need em anymore... well... yeah. >_<
Where's the kill count? :D
Holy shit!
It's been a while Saru.

For the sprites, I still haven't completely done the sprite sheet. I'm sorta making the poses as I need them. The one thing I needed the most was another standing sprite. Most of the time I only had the standing sprite you see in the sixth panel and the surprised one in the fifth. Now I have that other one in the first and third panel. Granted 3 standing poses still isn't much, but with an action comic like this, one more sprite makes a difference. Now I need to make back sprites.

@GalaxyTH: Haha. My Floatzel knew Ice Beam which proved helpful against Cynthia's Garchomp too. I would've taught it Blizzard had it not been for the fact that Blizzard misses too much. My Floatzel was faster than Garchomp, so it always attacked first. In the end though, her Garchomp wasn't the one that gave me trouble. It was her Togekiss. If I used Electabuzz against it it would hurl an Aura Sphere which did good damage against it. If I used Umbreon it would also hurl an Aura Sphere which is Super Effective. If I used Floatzel it has Shock Wave which is also Super Effective against Floatzel. Against Infernape it has Water Pulse and Air Slash. If I used Gliscor it had Water Pulse again. Gardevoir was the only one it didn't have any advantages over and even then it was a bitch to take down. Her last Pokemon was Lucario. My Infernape took care of it, I would've been dead if it hadn't already used up its Extremespeeds.

In other news, I caught a level 84 Magikarp at the Resort Area. I was laughing so hard. Now I have a level 85 Gyarados. It's attacks are: Tackle, Flail and........SPLASH!
TWEWY!!!!!(x9001) Best damn game ever!

And it may have taken you awhile but at least you're updating (unlike me) =o

I like the edited Kanares sprites, though they seem kind of moot (for me) at this point... I was working on some revamped sprites before I suddenly got too busy/lazy to keep up with the comic. I like the fix on his hair particularly, and the pants are a lot better. The shirt seems to be a stiff block though. And for the record (in case you wanted to change them too) I never intended his eyes to just be blue dots, it kinda came with my shitty attempt at hair.

The character seems familiar but I can't place it! >_<
*writes Euron's name in his Death Note*
I was just saying sorry to see you DIE.