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A vampire story drawn to the lyrics of Suzanne Vega's song with the same title.

The Soldier came knocking upon the Queen's door. He said, 'I am not fighting for you anymore...'



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Every once in a while I come across awesomness that hurts. And this is one of those comics. It's so good it hurts :)
Thank you :D
I know what you mean about long comics though... I'm working on another comic called The Red Planet, and it's a monster which will probably take years to complete. It makes you appreciate the short stories so much more.
Song lyrics
Well, the Queen and the Soldier is a song that lends itself to comic making very nicely as it doesn't repeat itself. Instead, it is more of a story that is sung... also, it's a lovely song :D
Aww, im scared for the next two pages, there so sad. Your doing so wonderful with this
amazing idea to write this to song lyrics! plus the art is great, love all the detailing on their clothing
Ha! She got undressed really quick. What kind of queen is she?

Art is really good! Keep it coming.
wow this is really a though provoking page. I am glad I actually browse through to check the recent releases :D
The end
It looks a bit better in its published form due to it originally being matched to a spine that breaks it up in the middle.

Don't forget to check out Suzanne Vega :D
This is officially my least favorite page in the comic, and looking back I ought to have used the original sketch but... deadlines and so on. Oh well...