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The (more or less) real-life adventures of four drunks from Portland, Oregon.

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fuck madden 11
ha its true
Yep, sometimes it's good to move onto bigger and better things. You guys have a good thing goin here and I'll continue to read!

Best of luck with your new site, bookmark updated!
Here's the link for those of you too lazy to type.

So there you go. Our further updates will be going up on the new site and the new site ONLY. I'm sure this means we'll lose some of the more hardcore SmackJeevesers, and we understand, and we'll miss you. Hopefully you'll consider rejoining us eventually.

(Also, we didn't PLAN on having the epic battle between Earthworm Jim and Gizmoduck be our swan song on this site, but it's kinda badass how that worked out.)
Who knows? Maybe Negaduck got a hold of the suit?

... eep.
Made entirely of awesome. You guys are destined for greatness. Cant wait for the next one! Hurry up!!
...Oooh, hallucinatory drugs. PASS THE BOWL!
I KNOW! Epic, right??

There's MORE, dear reader! Click "News" at the top to download Panel 4 in high-res. I can tell you from experience that it makes a tremendous desktop wallpaper.
Ugh. For fear of alienating half our readership, that sounds like the worst thing ever.
I wish my phone had an app that smelled food.
Forget that stupid Facebook nonsense, you should really be spending your internet digital click dollars on following me on Twitter!
This comic makes me want to PUNCH Trev in the face! Not hard to do, but good job!
Hello once again, teeming masses of fans! If you'll direct your attention up to the menu bar (located conveniently beneath that attractive banner), you'll see a link to our FACEBOOK PAGE. Yes, we have finally expanded our reach to the most-visited website in the world! Truly our rise to power is complete.
I see you delved further into this pit of filth you call a comic. You clearly have depicted sexual acts here that are nothing short of pornography! You have been caught in your web of lies and I shall see you pay for this.

-Thompson out. Err.. cross that out. Hmm... Will Wheaton, OUT!
corner piece! love it...
Haha! Panels 3 & 4 are my faves. Baby Trevor! Aww!!
Wait - the punchline goes in the third panel?! No wonder I never enjoyed Peanuts!
Drunk puzzle?!?! Great idea!!!