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Supertoad Comics

by Supertoad
There are comics about competent superheroes. There are also comic human superheroes that get their namesake from the animal kingdom. This.. isn't one of those comics. Supertoad is neither competent nor human, but he'd like to be a hero.
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10 Years Ago
There are comics about competent superheroes. There are also comic human superheroes that get their namesake from the animal kingdom. This.. isn't one of those comics. Supertoad is neither competent nor human, but he'd like to be a hero.


Recent Comments

Invader Lur is, as you might imagine, an homage to both Invader Zim and Commander Lrrr of the Omicronians. Supertoad just rolled a natural 20 on a bluff roll; don't expect Invader Lur to be a regular character, but I had fun adding the disguise.

I couldn't resist the little coffee aliens; I realize that it's probably a trademarked image, but they are so cute! If you happen to be anywhere near Yorkshire, stop by and for the love of Pete, don't let on that I borrowed their cute clip art!

Finally, the background is a still frame from "EARTH VS. THE FLYING SAUCERS"
Ugh, coloring
Coloring this was a fair bit harder than it should have been, especially the African American fellow in the bottom right. I'm guessing it has something to do with finally using a pencil to trace, but the eraser didn't completely clear the lines, so I had to do a LOT of touch up. It still ain't perfect, but I got bored, and voila.

Incidently, the pose in panel #2 is totally LOL to me. Supertoad just looks so flirty!
These hands.. these.. DIRTY.. hands!
I had to literally go back to the drawing board and practice hands, but I'm a little more comfortable with them now. At least they don't look like mangled meathooks.
Yeah, it's filler.
It was my spring break this last week, and I didn't get near as much drawing in as I was hoping to. I think I figured out hands a little better, though, so hopefully the next few comics won't look like horrible thresher accidents.
Not easy like Sunday morning!
It's Sunday, so I thought I'd try my hand at coloring a comic. It's not particularly easy, mostly because I have a hard time completing lines when I'm drawing, so I have to do a fair amount of pixel twiddling to avoid paint splash outside the lines. However, it's not impossible, and for the most part, it's a neat effect.

I might make a Sunday habit out of this.
I cannot draw the Thinker!
I've been trying for weeks to get the statue correct, but putting a moai head on top of The Thinker is far beyond my abilities at present. So, I cheated and cobbled together Statue Man from a picture of each. Pretty good likeness, if I do say so myself!

I'll probably replicate this in the Characters page, but Statue Man came from some stupid throwaway song off of America's Funniest Home Videos, about some guy who sat statue still. The meme seems lost; not even YouTube has it, so I can claim to have invented it. Yup.
Freak kegger accident. But yeah, hands are teh hardzorz!

Although, they're not actually college students <shifty>
The college student on the right... something horrendous seems to have happened to his hands...
I really appreciate the great feedback, Davo -- thanks for your help then, and I'm glad to share some improvements based on your thoughts! Enjoy!
Well done, my toadlike friend!

I loved the printing press from before, and the black-and-white works very well. fav'd.
Midterms vs creativity
I've been wanting to pull off this effect, but I also have to give and grade midterms. So... lack of update for a week. Hopefully the creative juices backing up led to something nice?
This comic got resized and recaptioned after I got to #46, since it was waaaay too big. So, the much improved font and bubble work sticks out like a sore thumb compared to the comics around it.

Of course, if I fix the other ones, then this comment will make no sense. What do I dooooo?
Can't wait to see SPR-x's powers!
The word balloons!
When I was resizing this comic, I finally figured out how to make my word balloons less god awful, so these look good in comparison to the next few. Hey, I'm making improvements, just not in the linear storyline. :)
I killed a character!
This is the first death in the comic, folks; this unnamed lab computer just got sent to those pearly logic gates.

Two quick notes. One, I had fun with motion blur and supernova; I'll do what I can to keep LENSFLARE POOF POOF POOF to a minimum, but I thought in both cases they were needed. It's hard to draw motion, but I think that first panel of Frog and Project SPrX colliding was a goody.

Also: Did you catch all the references in panel 4?
Happy new year!

I probably won't use James Pond as a secret identity. Probably. Maybe. Don't quote me on this.
You suck, Spielberg.
Seriously. Mr. DNA was the Jar Jar Binks of Jurassic Park. I know it was like 1991, but give your audience at least passing credit that they've heard of DNA before. I mean, DNA was first described in the 1950's, for crying out loud, the least you can do is acknowledge that your largely high school audience has a functional understanding that DNA is important..

Margin-al tweaks
There. I've resized all currently drawn comics down to 1200 wide, so it's not scroll bar city. Future comics will have a fixed template and look a li'l crisper; this one is a whole scan and you can tell.

I really like the disgruntled looks on Frog's face. He's just this jerk ass minor character with a lot of pluck, but boy howdy he's fun to write lines for.
Back at it!
Oof, 3 weeks between comics. This was sitting on my hard drive, but grading finals + family issues around the holidays consumes drive to update. I'll have to put more "in the can" for when these situations arise, I guess.
Happy Turkey Day!
Have a happy and save Thanksgiving; we'll return in a few days.