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Thank You
This has been so much fun to read over the past 5 years, thank you so much for endless hours of fun and suspense. And even better as I begin to learn Spanish, I can look at it all again with a new perspective!!! Muchas gracias :)
Como que FIN?!?!?!? Y estaba teniendo un buen día... Pase lo que pase, gracias por poner tu increible talento a nuestro alcance y para nuestro disfrute. Han sido unos años geniales de entretenimiento e inspiración para mis PJs de rol. Te deseo lo mejor en tus presentes y futuras empresas.
Without a doubt...
One of the most well-drawn, compelling stories that I have read. The story and the artwork has had me returning to this page for years. Thank you for all of it, and good luck on your next project!
Quick, someone roll to see if it continues.
see you soon space gang
Thank you. For all of it.
Just... Thank you.
It was... awesome. From the very beginning to the very end it just became better and better. Everything was perfect.

It was my Wednesday good moment, the thing that made the day worth it a little more. The beautiful page of the week. Now it's... gone ?

You are genuinely an awesome writer and artist and i wish you the best. I hope i may, one day, see another work of yours.
Well, it's been great fun. Thank you for your wonderful work. I look forward to whatever your next project is.

To ask, will there be a final Nari'ka Nightshow?
There is a saying with Tau:
"Don't get in range."
They just got into range.
I can't believe I just witnessed the End. When I started to read it, the story was back on the school grounds. Then the Dark Eldar. Such a journey with you Darius.

You are a great talent. You are a great writer and an excellent artist. I wish the best for your future endeavors.
I really liked your workings.
So... This is it?
Two Tau, a Human, an Eldar, a Kroot and a Druchii. Such a strange group yet so full of possibilities.

I Really hope this isn't the last we see of them but if it is, thank you Darius, for bringing this awesome story to us.

May the Blessing of The Emperor, the Elder Gods and the Greater Good (or Wood) be with you!
Such a melancholy ending. So good, yet so sad.
Fantastic work, as always!
I can't wait for your next installment (after all, there are still questions that need answering)!
Keep it up!
So from what I've read in the coments, the comic interviews etc. you planed on ending this story after the war on this craftworld and there's the obvious "end" in this strip.

Yet there are still a "few" questions open: will johnson be confrontet by his former battlebrothers? Is he going to stay with the Ttau or will he wander the rims of the imperium? will Korla survive, how will the t'tau react to all what happened, is shiva going to take care of baby skraat and korla (if he actually survives)? will the durchii kid stay with them, johnson or will it be put up for adoption? I could go on.

I know that we probably won't get all the answers but will there be an epilog (drawn or written) that ties some of those things up?

Lastly: thank you for all the time and work you have put in this whole comic! allthough I havent been here from the start, I really enjoyed it in the 5 years since I've found it. It was allways nice to have something to look forward to on wednesdays especially since I am unable to even stand up half of the week due to mental and medical reasons! All those years I have enjoyed your work silently but since this seems to be the end of the journey I felt like actually thanking you was nessecary.
That's it?
So, that's it? No more updates after this?
How I read it:

- Let's begin!

La pose de Jonson en la tercera viñeta me recuerda mucho al Emperador de Star Wars...curioso

Bueno, pues...esto es todo? Si se acaba el webcomic pues una pena, pero vamos, ha sido genial mientras duro
If you enjoy Eatatau, consider supporting it on Patreon and get special contents, pages in advance, not safe for work material and cookies... with chocolate sprinkles!!! Even 1$ helps me getting the required beer for keeping on drawing and thinking scripts!
I'm going to cry :( That's just sad..
..she is right.. but...
Why it's sad is not because she is sending him away, but because he has to face the truth. The craftworld is no more.

The stone might be there, but not the people.
Great thirsty one was just muzzled, she will come back, making soul stones still relevant