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January 18th, 2018
I am surprised, but not surprised.
The Eldarii have put up a heroic struggle, but this wasn't going to last forever.
Or even to succeed. Spider did say they were destined to be exterminated.
And then he helped, of course.
That scenic view with the mountains is nothing short of gorgeous!
@oldarmourer Sadly that`s something about the hosting page, not Eatatau. I pay for the non-ads premium fee, but there is not much more I can do... even if i knew what to do :P


I guess everyone is game...but damn!
I don't know why your site or host thinks it's a good idea to open a dozen pop-up windows and even a new page that I have to force closed through the task manager even with an ad blocker running every time I try to go back a page, but that just makes me weigh the pros and cons of continuing to follow a story I find intriguing, well drawn and well written against the nuisance factor and possible introduction of annoying processes to my computer that I'm going to have to chase down and hammer flat later....other than that, very nice comic, good work, much talent, etc.

I think it's not really about "showing" them... I imagine how f*ck'n tight that armour can be if you suddenly grow some DD-cups (any less would be a disgrace to Big S.)
yeah, sort of that.

It's also interesting. Whats the first thing a guy does when he transformed into a girl (... or sort of)? Show your boobs to everyone in public (or what Darius did in the first panel of the "Ocboober 2017!" Page #438.

And how does his helmed is still in one piece after getting those horns?
well, shit
Dangit dude. This is not a good time to get in touch with your feminine side. Or your demonic one.
Oh dang. Did not far see that coming.
Oh...pues eso ha sido inesperado
Well F***
Oh crap,
now the scorpion has a real claw ... and tail ... and got a she-daemon.
Somebody is feeling horny...

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Yup, I think you both think alike.

And yep, it looks that way.
The setup is what I mean too. She insisted on accompanying him (for no good reason that I can see) and he gave in so now she's got his ejector seat b/c he didn't have time to argue with her and / or the strength to just push her out of the mech.
Korla: Fuck you bitch im taking all exp for greater deamon for myself.
No he tricked her into ejecting. This was set up several panels back, when she made it obvious she was not going to let him take on the Slaneshii avatar alone. That makes the act his noble self sacrifice, not her screwing him over.
Did she just kill him by insisting on taking up his slot on the ejector seat?
please let him live