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@Guest won the internet.
♪ It's a galaxy of slaughter
A galaxy of tears
It's a galaxy without hopes
And a galaxy of fears
There's so much that we hate
That it's time we're aware
It's a small galaxy after all ♫
March 20th, 2019
She is totally flirting with The sergeant
... Wow. Even by my standards, those are some HUGE assets... ok ok, tits. Damn.
I wanna tap dat ass... But risk getting gutted by pissed astarte is too damn high...
Loving O'karra in the first panel there.
And when you have and almost flawless memory, you never forget a face
He has been in many places...

If you enjoy Eatatau, consider supporting it on Patreon and get special contents, pages in advance, not safe for work material and cookies... with chocolate sprinkles!!! Even 1$ helps me getting the required beer for keeping on drawing and thinking scripts!
@Guest If you can`t imagine it, then you don`t wanna know.
March 19th, 2019
True Darius what are the “special files”
I didn't know I needed a Kroott in fire warrior armor until now.

On a related note, I plan on kitbashing a kroot'thereal for my list to lead all my carnivores.
March 15th, 2019
So A follow-up question how old is that tau kid Anyway if he even old enough to see those special files
@Guest If you can`t imagine it, then you don`t wanna know.
March 14th, 2019
Hi true Darius Quick question when that tau kid mentioned “special files “ What was he talking about exactly please don’t tell me it was something like porn
Nari'ka the diplomat and popstar who dressed like a bellydancer (well she has the body to do so).

Also, a kroot in Firewarrior Armor, most likely in the role of an shas'ui (after the other Firewarrior says "Yes, Sir!") and with less of the Kroot accent we have seen most of the time
Fun fact. Both Kor'la and Sha'shiva are horny brats.
I assumed this webcomic ended. I was here since sha,shiva beaten shit out of kor'la for being horny bastard. Im really happy it didnt went out like Servants of the Imperium. I really need my dose of 40k hilarity.
Lost in the Lair of the Decapods? Dream of the Ttau's wife?
@Sersis -You can find more of Captain Leshi-Ash Val`ohis in the comics "NARI`KA SPECIAL" and "Quality time" in the Eatatau shop section.
Cuando estas en la cama eres mas divertida