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spy (Guest)
September 16th, 2019
thx for all!! it was very interesting story)
This really was a great story. I hadn't heard about it until last week, but man, it's worth it. And it didn't drag on and on forever, like some. I'm sad to see it end, but it's a good end.
Love the artwork. And the story. Im probably gonna boot up my e tau army again. Thanks. Still a fan, glad i ran into this again
Not a huge fan of batman "spees marines." Especially since I'm a fan of dark angel chaos death merchant.... dudes.... brother...s?

Less batman, more speese mahreens
Breaks my heart brother
Many Thanks
Long time lurker, but with the series all wrapped up I just wanted to say thank you for creating this highly enjoyable comic; it's brought me many smiles and many hours of entertainment. Best of luck with your future projects!
The space book says no
What to read now?
It will be long time until i'll find something as good and as insane (or insanely lorebreaking and at same time being heresy of the blasphemous kind). Also it's almost as sad as when rippersanime ceased and desisted. Thanks for your webcomix (even if i started reading from time, when 3xx or even later was out) mr. Darius. PS: I've been to Spain once (at that time, which is far in the past, sea was very dirty/murky or whatever is proper term in english) PPS: Sorry, i will not buy any of your par per view content, i'm not perverted enough (and i don't want to find out whether i am), sorry too for a long post
Eventually. For the time being I`m doing some comics in Patreon for the Eatatau shop.
Glad to see you've come to a conclusion on this, and even more so to see you're moving to other projects. Will you notify us about your next project here?
It has been quite a ride... :)
Thanks so much for years of fun, I had such an amazing time waiting for update. Great content, hope to see you make new and fun things. :)
Thanks for the fish!
Thanks for the story, i will miss waiting for the updates. May the boobs be with you!
Tiny cat-hamster Selene is so friggen adorable.
This year...
Eatatau - ends
Marvel Universe (Infinity Saga) - ends
Star Wars (Skywalker Saga) - ends
X-men - ends
Game of Thrones - ends
Gotham - ends

What in the six genitals of Slaanesh will I do next year...?
Well, what can I say, Darius? It has been one hell of a ride. I have enjoyed this webcoming of your thruthfully...and now that it is over, it will leave a void similar to the one that Naruto or Bleach left when they reached their closure.
Omni (Guest)
April 17th, 2019
Well done! Thanks for the great art and story my guy!
April 17th, 2019
Can`t say much yet... Except that I need to practice a lot my japanese manga drawing style. :P
Thanks for the ride. I liked it a lot. Can you tell us something about your new projects? Anything 40k?