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Skraat go
never thought i'd think of a tyranid thing as "cute"... but then this came along.
well skraat has been busy it seems.
well TECHNICALLY, according to codex rules, this wouldn't work... well if he was a normal guardsman. as kroot, on tabletop, have higher initiative in CQC (they attack first) so TECHNICALLY skrat would win here.... ofc.... same rules give him the same strenght score as a normal human for some reason.... *sigh*
i don't get it.
I don't think he'll come back from this one. I know he's tough, but it's beyond any kind of healing...
But waaaaaait... That sword with the healing-powers might be enough
No guts, no glory
Yup, as fast as in the very first comic, where a teacher gets maimed and devoured.
At the beginning of this comic it was a funny, child-friendly sci-fi comic.
This changed very fast.
Just a flesh wound
Tis but a scratch
Had worse. It's just a flesh wound
@YunikoYokai: Skraat is a Fictional Warrior. Being killed by a worthy foe in defense of ones friends is the greatest thing they can aspire too.

Do not pitty him, for this would dishonor him.
Your comic style is awesome! Poor Skraat :(
Killed by a Firstborn Demon... Not bad...

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Well sinse deamon gods are made of almost pure warp-stuff i really dont think it is enough
EAT THAT! Good jub Darius!
What ??
I smell a fat lie... Slaneeshi deamons like pain.. the fact that she is rejecting pain and destruction is extreamly unslaneeshi -_-
"...was that enough?"
I hope so. This battle is dragging longer than the ones of Dragon Ball!

On the other side if this is over I'm curious if all this fight and suffering really pays off. Unless this "Daemon" is Slaanesh herself I still don't know the reason why that Eldar-Tyranid freak would sell his own homeworld to destroy her...
The other fuck you button