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More! For the love of all that is good, more!
So Selene has metamorphosed from Avatar to Keeper of Secrets. Like a beautiful chaos butterfly.
oh... oh crap
And it keeps getting worse...
Looks like a Keeper of Secrets... with Selena's essence merged with it? Oh, they are so f***ed.
Finally a new contestant for Octboober, if there is still one in 2017. Of course she might just replace Selene.
Sondheim V
Sondheim V was a daemon-world ruled by the daemon-prince M'kar. Tyranids invaded it.

It didn't end well for neither Daemon, nor Tyranid, nor the planet itself.
Will this be a Selenemonette?
she wielded weapons like these armes everytime she could get her hands on them, now she gets them AND has the hands free - thats evolution :D
The Selenvatar's expression in panel 1 - How did that get in there...

Shang Tsung has entered the tournament?

It's hard to tell from the outline, but I think the New Challenger has 4 arms, 2 of which have bladed appendages. It also looks like she might have a snake for legs. That would make her resemble Fulgrim's Daemon Primarch form, which makes a certain amount of sense, since he's one of Slaanesh's.
Here comes a new challenger!

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I really liked the tanky shield/flamethrower epic tau space marine. It really is like.. the Space Marine with the lost technologies.
Closer than you think...
Where is Zeal Johnson?
Ask, and you shall receive. :)
Bigger Weapon = Bigger Boobies for Selene?
C'mon.... you know that what everyone is thinking lol
I don't see anything behind the Selenavatar, so presumably that blade is emerging from within. Based solely on the blade, I'd guess some sort of Nyd weapon. Possibly Daemonic, as it sort of resembles the Daemonette Eldar child we saw a few pages back.

The pattern of the blade is similar to Selene's scythe, but the texture is markedly different. It's also much larger than it should be. If it is "Selene" emerging, she's gotten a lot bigger, and probably undergone a number of other changes.
February 22nd, 2017
... Where is Johnson, he's missing all the good stuff.
isn't that... isn't that Selene's weapon? waaaa!?!?!?
Oh... Dang. This keeps twisting and turning rapidly.