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Sooo... how do you get rid of this thing?
Just sayan... how does one actually get rid of a demon like this?
Frankly someone should already whip that deamon out of reality.
I anticipate her kicking him and his force field like a soccer ball.
He gon' die...
The third panel is very nice. Good work.
Not a great plan...

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mmmmmhm yes. yeeees.
I've been following Eatatau for three years now, and this is the first time i've commented besides constant lurking.

and i say, this is making me tingle with anticipation.
That's some good development there! Love her new look too.

Who else could come to the rescue, I wonder?
Love Your Work, Good Job!
I've gotten back to your work after a long while and you have seriously come a long way and maintained professionalism too.

It'd be bittersweet to see this end coming a long way, hope it gets to a well-deserved ending with no silly outside interventions!

Sooo... you survived, Mr POTATO...
Why cut hair when she still had some cloth on her? ; > )
Ahh goddamn Legends is good.

It's all good, really.
Received, and gratefully!

Thank you Darius. Eternal Glory to the Greater Good!
wait a minute......aint TAU blood blue? i mean even DOW games and Novels say its blue.....or....did "the greater wood" breed with humans? XD
Yup, According to paypal it was on January the 13, and according to gmail it was sent on the 14th. I just sent it again today just in case.

Sorry for the trouble.
With each episode, the comic is getting better and ray. Drawing and meaning. Many thanks to you author, for your passion transmitted through the drawing.
Artery?! The shard has almost chopped off his whole arm, of course it got an artery!

Shit shit shit. If Johnson doesn't appear soon, we are going to run out of characters too quick.
Oh man, an artery is not an easy fix, and she might know only first aid, though I wonder what he's gonna says when he wakes up "wanna see my greater wood?"
Pues a ver como salen de esto...
Fucked ? Why ?
Why would they be fucked ? Everything is going acording to the Plan. All is well within its paremeters... Ironhand you lack faith :>