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Wait, what?
"Did I miss something?" =D
I can think of a few people that would LOVE having that kind of sense of smell...
Over His Dead Body
It's kinda funny. =D
wait if its malal....malal demons are bird like.....and kroots are a bird like species..oh boooy
Ok, so what was the point of craacking Skraat open? Aside from further traumatizing the poor lady.
I do have to praise Darius for adding Malal's six-fingered hands in previous pages.

He has a real nice attention to detail!
That doesn't quite look like a fragment of Not-Khornes heart for some reason
He's the Renegade god Malice, him absorbing power from the other 4 gods is his shtick. He is the ultimate parasite...he's also the closest thing to a "Good" chaos god you can get
@Jer: even supposing that this particular demonic entity has something even resembling to "purpose" is against his very nature...
Well, I think grimdark will kick in here.
I don't get it ...
What purpose did breaking Skraat apart serve ?
kor'la sera cibernetizado con magia demoniaca, skrat acabar con alguna cosa rara y es eso el corazon de kaine o el circuito infinito?
La continuidad con la anterior tira se me hace rara...
End game?
Ooooh snap! Gonna get interesting! The god isn't doing anything but dissolving the wreckage! I'm now painfully curious of what's it's true intentions! Also... FIRST!!!
Lol, the exchange is strong and trolling
If you enjoy Eatatau, consider supporting it on Patreon and get special contents, pages in advance, not safe for work material and cookies!. Even 1$ helps me getting the required beer for keeping on drawing and thinking scripts!

Yay! Daemonic presents!
Also... don't worry, things will get interesting from now on... ;)
Kinda read Cyphers voice, disinterested, casual. Like he's looking up from his newspaper and drinking a cup of tea and was like,

"....Zael, *sigh* behind you"
I knew it but hey I don't blame ya ;D her references are helpful
Nail in The Coffin
If he wasn't dead already, he is now......
I bet you only did that to surprise everyone, did'nt ya?