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As interesting as it sounds, im afraid the slingshot theory is not correct ;)
He better jump out....
If Eevee's assumption about the slingshot is correct, Kor'la better jump out at the last second or I will fall into a state of depression if he dies
Ohhhh, I got it! It's a slingshot!
They will use the web as a slingshot to shoot the Tau-Battlesuit at the Daemon. And then it will explode, using the Eldar-reactor installed.
Enjoy the cliffhanger!

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he has a much much bigger responsibility now that his friends.

but cypher would generally manipulate and join forces with anything and everything to accomplish what ever goal it was he was doing.
@Airyku, you made me chuckle. ;)
November 10th, 2017
Dakkath if I am to make a guess it's because he's back to being a Space Marine and started viewing the xenos in a contemptuous manner again - all thanks to the voice of the 'old man' inside of him.

Hopefully the mysterious Dark Eldar will bring him back to his senses though.
Put a cloak on the kid, and you get a watcher in the dark. :D
You mean to tell me he's been watching the WHOLE TIME and hasn't lifted a finger to help? Sarge, you disappoint me.
Aaah, yes, the overused, but mistaken joke of the stairs. ;)
Or maybe he had not found a stair, because lets face it. Eldar construction is not the best.
well cypher has been in battles on the side of chaos, he works in mysterious ways.
I know you've more or less said that you're winding up the comic... but when I eventually win lotto, I'm going to need to commission about a dozen comic pages of Saveiliss Elhamuth. No idea what else will be in the comics, or what she'll be doing or saying, but... very interesting (and easy on the eyes) character.
Thanks. Fixed!
a few corrections
two small corrections:

"reflection" instead of "reflex" would work much better. also "why should HE" (as opposed to HIM).

Those aside, awesome work, as usual.
I'd say he looks more like War from Darksiders.
Johnson really looks like guts wearing that cloak. I like it
Y naaaaaaada sospechoso que este ileso el mocoso...
Hmm...Cypher...?! Side by Side with Eldar...?!