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a difficult and rewarding webcomic! also: cadbury creme.


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October 11th, 2011
thanks for caring!!
@Striffen Cloud - i can't believe you actually posted on this! it's true...that computer basically broke down and i've not been able to buy a new one so it kind of put an end to it. if i did start updating again, do you think anyone would care?
It never happened. I am a sad panda.
"i'm have lied to you in a funny way" Congradualtions on your first funny comic!
what is this I dont even
Symbolism! haha
It is fairly normal for females, though.

She looked like a red nacho, anyway.
Haha I like the squinted eyes of fear.
Haha I like that it says "gross!" on it.
That guys grammar freaks me out a little.
I like this background, too.
Oh dear, he got cancer.
If they overlapped, they might form one mega person!
I like the background!
Birds creep me out.
Is that a reference to the Doug comic? haha