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the end of heartache

nope this is godawful ! we don't talk about this !

[24 hour comic|finished]

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to sarah

(it's demyx)
Hahaha, wild guess. :P Wanna be NaNo buddies? I like the way your brain works, and I kind of want to know more about the universes you create.

If you have a NaNo profile, here's mine:

You can add me from there if you want!
...oh god. Yes. I am. At least, I'm planning on it. (I did JulNoWrimo this year too) ;____; HOW DID YOU KNOW.
I'm a writer, too. ^^ Are you doing NaNo this year? Since apparently you like unreasonable deadlines. XD
this cleared things up a lot. it's a good and intersting story.
From fiction! More specifically, a novel I'm writing (except 'novel' makes it sound so serious and lofty, hahahhhhhh) 9__6 There's not much that I've actually uploaded anywhere, though, aside from some stand-alone illustrations in my dA gallery.
Cool, that makes a lot more sense. ^^ Very interesting. What's this from, anyway? Another webcomic? Fiction? RP?
do you all hate me yet (hint: yes)
OH MAN. I THINK THAT'S IT. I think I wrote too much actually hahhhhahhhhhhkk if you read all this you deserve to be paid, or something. If there are any other questions I will gladly answer them, though. might be able to tell...hi I like to talk a lot.

Once again, thanks for sticking with this thing for...last week's 24(ish) hours, and this week's one single update! Here is my parting gift to you.

What would have happened if I got sick of trying to draw all those rifles and firearms and things and took Bedlam's suggestion (which in hindsight I should have):

<img src=""&g t;
stuff that wasn't clear (aka everything)
A few more things that I meant to get into the comic, but somehow didn't (or didn't clearly). This is...approximately in chronological order? As in, backstory -> events in the comic itself.


Jean Chauvin and Jordan Sinclair are brothers! Or at least, they thought they were for a really long time, to the point where they might as well be.

Although later Sinclair found out that Chauvin was actually AN ANDROIDDDD (and he was not pleased by this discovery), by that point in time it was kinda hard for either of them to extract themselves from the idea of being family.


This scene happens after and as a result of events at the end of the comic, and just to be absolutely certain: they're talking about the fact that Chauvin's killed Chistyakov, who might have been Thrice.

So Lucas Adler and Mordekai were none too pleased about Chauvin killing the man who might've been Thrice, seeing as the infection is possibly only stoppable by Thrice. With Thrice gone, this could be a big problem. :I

(Lucas Adler is the leader of a big ol' country-like-territory referred to as the Legion, and Chauvin's a lieutenant in the Legion's army.)

(Mordekai is just some weirdo who's good friends with Lucas Adler and likes interfering with government affairs Because He Can.)



Right, so why Chauvin wanted to kill Chistyakov so badly. Partly because Chistyakov's allied himself with...this story's equivalent of the flippin' anti-Christ (aka Sinclair, who -- it might be important to note -- isn't easy to kill at all because the infection is kind of protecting him from death). But more than that Chauvin is kind of cruel and bastardy and knows that killing Chistyakov will pretty much be the worst thing he could do to Sinclair right now (never mind be the worst thing he could do to Chistyakov), since that will leave Sinclair all alone WITH NO ONE TO LOVE HIM-- and Chauvin wants to make him miserable.

Also: Chauvin's pretty close to Vat. Vat had a really bad run-in with Chistyakov once (this was not mentioned at all :I). Vat came out of that event thoroughly traumatized, which puts Chistyakov pretty high up on Chauvin's 'DANGEROUS DICKWADS' list.

Basically: a) Chauvin is a bitch and b) he thinks Chistyakov is a threat.


Last bit! About Chistyakov being Thrice.

This is hypothesized (and, in Lucas Adler and Mordekai's opinions, validated) because of the fact that Chistyakov can come into physical contact with Sinclair without incurring any damage. As far as anyone knows, the only 'living' things capable of doing that would be androids and Thrice.

And they figure Chistyakov is Thrice and not just some random android because Chistyakov's been a weird figure from the start, long before the infection even showed up -- he's kind of infamous, in a 'normal-seeming-guy-who-is-somehow-everywhere' sort of way, and he's able to get around and survive in a really hostile world all on his own without any apparent trouble. Plus, he has a lot of knowledge that should have been all but impossible to come across.

AND. The aforementioned bad-run-in-with-Chistyakov-on-Vat's part -- it's not important to know what exactly happened there, except that Vat and a few others definitely witnessed some sort of animated blue pattern lurking around on random objects/people during that time. Almost like the infection, with a color swap :I So that sounds like a whole lotta THIS-GUY-IS-THRICE to some people.

(I guess this all sort of begs the question of: if Chistyakov's Thrice and Thrice if the Savior Of The World, then why the hell was he teaming up with Sinclair, whose only purpose in life is pretty much to bring about the end of days??? And really the only answer is: WELL NO ONE KNOWS NOW, on account of a certain one-eyed someone having Chistyakov shot to death before anyone could ask him to explain.)
The comic's not in chronological order -- it jumps back and forth between the present (when the art is all yellow-textured and such) and the past (the...not yellow bits). Here's a breakdown of the structure:

1-4: chronologically, the end of the story, when Sarky finds out what happened to Chistyakov :I. Along with a brief flashback to the when Sarky and Chistyakov part ways/THE LAST TIME SARKY SEES CHISTYAKOV ALIVE

5-7: Back to the present, after Chistyakov's death. Minor Characters Are Not Happy! Jean Chauvin Is Not Happy Either!! (Meanwhile, Vat Stacha Has No Expressions!!!)

8-15: supposed to be a brief outline of the development of Sarky and Chistyakov's uhhh relationship, so it's two scenes strung together. Also: the whole deal with page 13 is that no one's supposed to be able to touch Sarky/vice-versa without getting consequentially killed by the infection.

16-17: Jean Chauvin Is Still Not Happy, But Is Definitely Not Sulking, Shut Up Sergeant. Then sergeant Streyker prods him into talking about the exact circumstances of Chistyakov's death.

17-23: The exciting story of how Chistyakov dies of headshot.

oh god this is ridiculously long
edit: here's another version of all the information here, in a slightly easier to read format :I THIS LAYOUT WAS NOT MADE FOR HUGE CHUNKS OF TEXT at least not in the author comments oh god white font on dark background why

SO UH A WEEK LATER tl;dr happens. Major, major tl;dr. :I. I did try to think of a better way to explain things, but I guess this is all I could come up with. (I do have to say that being able to talk about Chistyakov in the past tense feels so good)

Character breakdown above! As for the reason why it's hard to visually tell some of them apart (Viktor Chistyakov and Vat Stacha, here's lookin' at you), that's just bad character design/planning on my part. Sorry about that. :( (You can tell the two apart because...Vat's the one without stubble?? VAT'S THE ONE WHO'S NOT DEAD, THAT TOO)

AND THE MAIN GIST OF THE PLOT: Jean Chauvin kills his brother's boyfriend, then discovers this was a bad move because he might have killed this world's equivalent of the messiah and THEREFORE killed the world's only hope of stopping an apocalypse caused by Chauvin's brother.

rrrrrrrrrrun on ssssssentences 9______________6

AAAAND a few more things that might need clearing up? COMING RIGHT UP.
October 5th, 2009
wow, just wow .o.
this thing is awesome, i love your style! and even though i don't have a clue what was going on i adore it oo
October 4th, 2009
*applauds* YAY! XD Congratulations on finishing~ I thought this was great :D I love your style and your characters~ But yes. I am confuzzled. &#3232;_&#3232; BUT I STILL LIKED IT SO YEAH WOO :U
October 4th, 2009

the reason why the androids never appeared in this comic is because all of a sudden nik started bawling and now half the world is covered in ocean where there was none before and now the androids are stranded on a piece of driftwood (aka, aleksei) and that's why they couldn't make it to this comic in time because aleksei is bad at being a boat and nik is /still crying/

October 4th, 2009
this is my sobbing noise i hope you're happy
October 4th, 2009
re: confusion
i will definitely try to clear the entire story up then, since people seem interested in clarification? AND A CHARACTER BREAK-DOWN IS PROBABLY A GOOD IDEA, thanks otakulys!

(but all of this will have to wait for a day or two while i recuperate hahahahhhhhh)
October 4th, 2009
I think I sort of got it, but I got a little confused with the characters sometimes XD. It was really good though! :D
October 4th, 2009
Very interesting art, and an intriguing, captivating style, but I honestly have no idea what was going on. I don't know who the characters are, and I can't tell most of them apart. A character breakdown might actually help things. I'm gonna try reading it again and see if maybe I can get a better grasp now that I've seen the whole thing. Cause I want to understand what's happening, I'm just kind of confused.
October 4th, 2009

It was so awesome, but I had utterly no idea what the heck was going on?!