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The official sprite comics of Fainte.


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Sorry, couldn't help it.
Check that out, the copyright.
This is the first new page I've made in ages.
I feel less lazy now -,-
Nice idea, maybe it will work out better than NoWater ','
Ok, this by no means is saying Chris is a sick freak.
It IMPLIES he is a sick freak, nothing more -_-
:) Awesome comic

I wanted to mention I made a little board for when faintes down
Looks like I'm going to have to start working on a few more quite soon -.-
:) I think I can foresee the outcome.
You know whats going on now. If you don't then you really need to join the forums. If you do, I may have to apologise for what you know you're going to witness
This is a bad habit
I seem to keep missing the day for updating. Well I guess that means either changing it to Saturdays or work harder -.-
Anyway, enjoy.
So what would your choice be?
Anyway some basic advertising, so look at the links and check out some of the comics I read. They are all great and deserve to be read. Now forums is a great general comunity. They got back up and are using a new system similiar to sites like MySpace, Beebo ect... only it works and looks good. Just remember they are mainly a forums group. the forums for a great site that is continualy growing. Dedicated towards helping people with Final Fantasy ect. Also Ryan who makes Two Evil Scientists has set up his own forums. You can get there from a link on any of his comics. So check them out.
So what do you want to know about this one? Well I can't think of much to say apart from, I HATE that walking sprite. Seriously, it just looks awkward there like that.
Well this was done several months ago, and since you made the new sprites I've been woundering how to make the transition.
However some bad news, my supluss of comics goes up to issue 83 (I think). What does this mean? I've spent several months doing nothing for this comic apart from uploading it -.-
Think I've made up for my lack of a sense of humour?
lol. Wah ha ha ha ha ha. Now don't catch me and have my guy wind up somewhere else, using my new sprites... Yeah. >.>
Well, lets see if Jace is still laughing after this -,-
...oops, I made a mistake. The dialog in pannels one and three are meant to be questions. -_-
Well I wanted my avatar to be a fox (dragon hybrid), but I didn't want something everyone's seen before... seriously, do you know how many people use grey fox's for avatars? ALOT! So I needed something original, and a fox sprite that looks more humaniod then the avarage Anthropomophic sprite was just that. Still, it's been worse; I used to use a recolour of Samus from Metroid 3 with no arm cannon, venea thruster wings (scaleddown from the Gundam Epyon) and coloured mainly black with red highlights... oh and Epyon's heatrod on the arms.
Wah ha!
Wow!That really kicks my sonic sprites ass...
The main body is Zero/Megaman X/Hapuria (depending on the pose) of other characters from the Megaman Zero/ZX games. Only the tail and head belong to any Sonic Sprites. I think they are Tails's Sonic Advance sprites (I may hage it to Sonic Battle since they are more detailed with better shadows)
Sorry for the delay. I missed last week so I'll update again today or tomorrow. Eitherway you find out what this new plan is soon.