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Kirby Kwest

by RyanTH_01
A comic about Kirbies adventures after a newcomer lands on Dreamland

(P.S. I know 'Quest' is mispelled I spelt it like that to make it seem cooler)

(Also accepting cameos, just send in your sprites and a brief summary of your character)
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8 Years Ago

Accepting Author Applications

I just need someone who's REALLY good with HTML, NOT a comic making partner

I just need help with:
-A custom overlay for the webpage (Ex. Custom Background, Custom Buttons, Ect.)-
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A comic about Kirbies adventures after a newcomer lands on Dreamland

(P.S. I know 'Quest' is mispelled I spelt it like that to make it seem cooler)

(Also accepting cameos, just send in your sprites and a brief summary of your character)


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vampire jester wario on steriods
"COOKED EYEBALL! ITS GOOD RAW, TOO!" ~Kirby, in an official manga. This quote was accompanied with a picture of a fried waddle-doo with his eye partialy devoured. Isn't Kirby child friendly? XD
@Jarkes The Smash Bros. game was originally announced to get more developers, as for a big crossover game, many developers are needed. Like I said, though, it will not begin production until later (in a few months I think).
And for that matter, you went from strips that were way too small, to strips that are way too big. It's just... I'm sorry, the story and humor is great, but the inconsistencies is making it hard for me to enjoy this fully...
EDIT: Oh, never mind, I saw the thing you said about Advance sprites being easier to edit. But then again, why exactly were you not using them in the first place?

... ...Am I giving you mixed messages about whether or not I like this comic? Because if I am, I'm sorry.
Also, about the comic...

I should not have to scroll horizontally to read the darn thing. Have you not been listening to your readers? If someone tells you that you need to reduce the size of your comics, DO SO. Don't just keep making comics that are so large that we have to scroll back and forth to read them, dangit!

...And for that matter, why exactly did you switch from KSSU sprites to Advance sprites? It just kind of came out of nowhere, and it creates MASSIVE inconsistencies. Unless you can provide some kind of in-story reason for the changing sprites (such as what Meta_2716 did for A Kirby Komic), don't just change the sprites you're using for no reason.
@RyanTH_01 and foxpuff:
Okay... and where exactly did you hear this? Because IGN reported on it, and the ONLY thing they could find out is that it's going to be made for both the WiiU AND the 3DS. No release date, no screenshots, not even a freaking trailer! By contrast, Mario Party 9, which is part of a series that NO ONE cares about anymore, gets a full two-minute preview video at E3.

...Sorry, bit of a tangential rant there. But seriously, IGN is one of the few gaming websites I actually trust to give me reliable information about upcoming games.
Until Kid Icarus: Uprising is done, the new Smash bros. game will not be in development. I found that info on some sites (online encyclopedias at least).
I heard around places that SSB4 was gonna be released sometime in 2013, since they said they were gonna focus on Kid Icarus: Uprising (at least that's what I heard)

Skyward Sword I'm looking forward to it, but they'll have school in it. SCHOOL. IN A VIDEO GAME.

The new SSB is also coming to 3DS, though I'm certain it's getting released in 2012. I'm looking forward to Far Cry 3 (never played the series but loved the preview) and Halo 4.
Where'd you get the 2013 part? And E3 was a month ago.
lol, forgettful Ryan...
Is forgettful.

Actually, yeah, i AM forgettful...

Anyway, who's been watching E3? (I know it's late, but hey, what can you do?)
I'm pretty excited for the new Kirby coming to the Wii, as well as Skyward Sword... and the new Super Smash Bros coming to the Wii U... in 2013... :(
Oooh, shiny new banner...
... lol
This guy reminds me of Basilix from SMBZ, including the "Silence, fool" line.
I like this guy, already. :)
Um... what happened to Dedede, Kirby, Dee, and Meta Knight? They've just kind of... disappeared...

Then again, I suppose that happens when there are such long gaps in updates...
Huh. Some actual humor.