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For the Horde!

Blood and Thunder is based on any general rubbish I can think of and want to make a comic out of it (WoW related of course). Created in the SteamWheedle Cartel server and accompanied with the crew of PCG, fellow PCG magazine readers, we have a laugh and fight a lot. And remember. Kill the allies where you see them!

I'm now confident that comics will be released around sunday. I'll maybe throw in another one during the week if I get chance to break away from my crippling WoW addiction and work.

Blood and Thunder is now appearing in video format. Check it out at

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Recent Comments

Dwarf just got stoned
There have been retardedly long breaks before, I'm sure he'll be back. An update on the status of the comic once a month would be nice though... like, "This comic will be back eventually" or "This comic might be dead" or "This comic is dead" or "I'm keeping you uninformed so you will visit my site every other day and give it a ton of views, hoping that someone will click the ads even though the web host is the one who gets the ad money". Not too much to ask.
donĀ“t let this die please...
GOD i hope it didn't die.

He's prolly too busy raiding firelands.

...Or did this comic die? D=
March 20th, 2011
Oh TB, its always the same argument.
The "no stunlock" is the worst
famous last words
Meh japanese version is clearly superior. The voice actors dont suit the characters at all. Sub>Dub
Last panel = raped by a Gnome?
To WDLKD. Your nearly right about the first panel. If you want to read the translated version go to the next page. Disgo is calling a gnome his father because, quite simply, anime is silly nowadays, and this comic was made to illustrate that point. The grammar structure is Japanese, well I hope it is else google translate is going to have a few words.
no, it's phonetic for japanese, i know in the first panel disgo is saying, "everyone, hello. My na,e is Disgo. someting orgrimmar something something."

and why is disgo calling a gnome is father? I thought he hate those things...

the weird thing is, i think he's using english grammar structure...
I tried to read it backward but it didn't work.
english version pleaze?
I guess I should encourage people to read the latest news thread. And Enjoy.
What the hell are they saying??
ugh, unfortinatly they havent released a version of the authenticator for my EXACT version of the phone (and the list hasnt seemed to least for blackberries) in at least a year. and even if that version was on there, its 99cents, not free. bliz if you read this, UPDATE for more phones plz
Well they went out their way delete my un sellable items, so why wouldn't they delete my pants just to annoy me further?
so hackers know how to sell underwear? man I need to learn that
it's a good thing I already have one then.