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Exactly what it says on the tin.

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December 12th, 2009
Was going to have speech, no room, I prefer comics with no speech anyway. Make your own story.
Must kick my bad habit of writing "Mary Sue" as one word.
Used to do sprite comics a while ago. I didn't put them on the internet back then. I'm putting this one on the internet because.

Also also, reading this reminded me of canon sues and possession sues, and how I was once in a roleplay in which a moderator was urging everyone to be more realistic with their characters. That person had a "rape equals true wuv" plotline going on, with their out of character possession sue. Calling them out on that, they said "people react differently to rape and so rape = love is perfectly realistic". I found that very offensive. Am I the only one?
...Oh yeah, I don't roleplay anymore.
hmm..I never thought of it before but I guess werewolves could be classified as furries o.o

love your avi, btw ^^
I am interesting enough to warrant this and can craft my day to day experiences into an interesting read.

Or I can't, and I hate comics like this, and this is making fun of them. One or the other.
Done in blinding colours on purpose, mostly me fucking around with speech bubbles, oh god my handwriting is a mess.
Doesn't matter if its the first comic here, this comic will really be updated whenever, and so I feel I have time to work on such details. Not that I don't work hard anyway!

Thankyou for your feedback! I'll remember it in future.
Your jokes need some work. They kind of fall flat. You also need to work more on your anatomy it seems. All your people are pointy, their faces aren't symmetrical, and the arms on the woman in the last panel are way off. And she's missing an ear.

But then, I guess it IS only the first comic here.