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Day care Days

Why can't pokemon be gay? Everything else in the world can.

Combining my love of Pokemon, Gijikas, drawing and yaoi~

Applications are currently OPEN OUO/

Hopefully there will be some graphicness~ Viewer be warned~
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7 Years Ago

Accepting Author Applications

-I don't care much for PMing, so just apply~

-No spriters and please have some skill. Sounds rude, I know, but I rather don't much like sprite comics and stick figures.

-You can have no more than 6 characters~!
And then you can have two shinys and two legendaries if you so please~
~~ And there can be no more than two of the same species, except in the case of a legendary. If it's legendary, there can only be one. Currently, Ho-oh, Arceus, Articuno and Victini are taken. In addition, there are already two teddiursa and two minun.

- No female only species please. These include: Blissey, Chansey, Cresselia, Froslass, Happiny, Illumise, Jynx, Kangaskhan, Latias, Miltank, Nidoqueen, Nidoran♀, Nidorina, Smoochum, Vespiquen, and Wormadam
Apply as a Co-Author
Why can't pokemon be gay? Everything else in the world can.

Combining my love of Pokemon, Gijikas, drawing and yaoi~

Applications are currently OPEN OUO/

Hopefully there will be some graphicness~ Viewer be warned~

Recent Comments

I like that idea! We should definitely just start from scratch.
well alright how about we just like
do a reboot? still do what we did with the plot i guess, just kinda start from scratch?
it'll be a good chance to develop characters who were brought in later, introduce new ones remove old ones iunno just the supercluttered drop-down and archives bug me XDD
kitsune fire
August 4th, 2012
I love pens 0w0 and aww levi
July 17th, 2012
What Levi does during the day. :I

Figured I'd doodle something, since everyone's been a bit.. Quiet. xD Had to do it in pen, so it's sketchy.
Still at my mom's house, won't be heading back home until the 6th of next month. xD; So no tablet until then.

MS paint kept giving it a ridiculous file size, so I had to keep cropping it until it was tiny..

And I know he's extremely unproportional. :I Reason I hate pens.
-nods- We really have been. So, perhaps we really don't need a plot. xD
If you think about it, there's already a set plot. 'Trainers leave their pokemon in a daycare.' That's the plot. Not much to be added on. As most rps and collabs are, it's supposed to just spin off from there. Aside from all the extra crap of inactive authors and such, we've been doing fine.
Kind of. xD I mean, it's really the most logical one to happen. I mean... they're kind of stuck. Unless it's like... they were left there but aren't allowed to leave so they try to find a way out?
I've been watching too many horror movies to be trying to come up with a plot for this. :I What plot can go with pokemon in a daycare? So. Few. Choices. D: It seems like in such a situation, the mindless drama we've been doing is really the best way to go. Without turning the collab into a horror/mystery film, or just ripping off some movie, altogether.
I like the apocalypse ideas, too. Don't worry, Blue you're not alone. But yeah, I don't see how ot would fit. xD

BTW- This is Ashes, since it wont let me put my name.
Dunno bout any of you, but myyy mind keeps wandering to apocolyptic themes. Mmm. Love dem apocolypses. However, I have no idea how such could fit into a pokemon daycare collab, SO~ Uh... Let's see here... Yea, just gonna keep pondering it for awhile.
:I A new beginning would be nice. I'm currently visiting my mom in NC, so I'm unable to draw until I get home, but~ I shall think on this subject of plot. I shall think long and hard. Oh so long and hard.
I would love to add to the plot but it's kinda hard for me to actually come up with anything super good but I'll go along with anything :D
weel i got a new page up but it's p bare bones since i haven't had the time to fiddle with the layout or banner
we can still use this here to discuss what w're gonna do and plot and stuff i suppose
Oh, hun. You're not a bad leader. We're all at fault for how this collab turned out, and authors dropped out because of real life and such. It's fine. -patpat- <3

I think another DCD would work. Saves us the trouble of deleting anything and everything, though I could do it anyway 'cause I'm such an OC spaz. But yeah, it'd take a long time.

Also, I like Kiss Of Ashes' dramatic plot lines. They interest me. :D
I totally miss this place ;~; I keeping forgetting to add pages.

For a plot; I honestly like having the different backgrounds for trainers for sending them in the Daycare; but have a storyline based within the daycare, or events or whatnot. I tend to like making up neat little things to make happen in places.
im a bad leader :U
I could like go and get anothe dcd going so we don't have 500 pages of blah to deal with if that'll help ouo
as for plot, i'm really preoccupied helping out with the plot of this other collab and sheeeeez so i'm totally game for any plots you guys wanna put forth.
I know what you mean, but I've been refraining from doing anything 'cause Ito's our leader, and I dunno how to work codes.....for the life of me. o-o Like, I don't understand.
<sub>Because... Yeah. this needs to get done.
I should be doing more I'm on vaca owo;;;