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Mario comic with sonic characters.

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Searching for somebody who can sprite at least.
Always remember to use Tails like Mario and Sonic like Luigi.
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Comment on We Return
the gavin,
Back For Good
This comic is coming back with a bang. I have a lot of free time until my birthday so I decided to resume this comic. I've gotten better at spriteing and I'm gonna try not to disappoint. I've read every comment for this comic (Yes even yours) and message and readers have been asking what sonic character will play Yoshi. Originally I wanted to just have Yoshi play himself but now I'm not sure. In other news good news and bad news. Good news I have a new high-tech laptop with a touchscreen and lots of memory. Bad news I didn't manage to save all the sprites from my (now broken) old laptop but I still have everything I need to continue this comic.
Comment on Happy 4th of july
Mario is awesome and Sonic is DU (Guest),
He does.
Yeah, I think that's what he means. Ciao.
Comment on Sorry for lack of updates
Gavin,I think this comic should be called: Mario bros,but with sonic characters instead
Comment on Sorry for lack of updates
hi just saying your makin mario act like luigi i dont care what character they are but marios acting like luigi am i the only one who noticed that
Comment on Happy 4th of july
the gavin,
@Super Bluey: Don't you mean two continents.
Comment on Sorry for lack of updates
happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
whos yoshi?
hmmmmm faved
Comment on Happy 4th of july
Super Bluey,
@comicboy: All America? ALL AMERICA?! You mean all the USA, right? Because America is a continent.
Comment on Sorry for lack of updates
the gavin,
The comic will be going on a break for a while but will come back in better quality with an actual story.
Comment on Sprites for this comic.
Tails should be mario because Mario is shorter and tails is shorter.Sonic should be Luigi because is taller.I think that is the reason why you pick 'em
Comment on Happy 4th of july
@the gavin: Yes they shall call it fireworks day 'cause all America is launching fireworks,but sadly I didn't see 'cause I'm on another country.


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