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A somewhat autobiographical comic about a guy and a sac


Updates, generally, every Monday and Friday

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What!? You can't leave now, the Chupacabra is loose!
He's looking away in the first panel in case my art doesn't convey that too well

Also, as I said in the news post, I'll be away from home for the majority of the holidays, so my comic-ing schedule is going to have a bit of a gap.

I'll start posting again in early January peoples, Thanks for reading and happy holidays

Edit: The perspective on this page is terrible, i know, I'll probably come back in a bit to fix that :U
I am sorry for a terrible update.

For this, I am sorry.

Stuff actually happens from here on... i think
Sorry for the late update, AP US History got in the way :P
The perspective is screwy, but try to ignore that :P
She's asking for his cellphone in panel 3, I just couldn't think of a way to fit it in without shrinking the text to an inconvenient size.
To those wondering why the it's important to know it was Sunday, I don't really blame you. Guy is just making his lunch for Monday.
The third panel kinda reminds me of the art style of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.
In case you can't tell, It's the cashier face palming in the last panel.
I'm not too good at drawing people from a distance.
In retrospect "Premium Paper Bags" would be a pretty crappy brand name :U

also thanks for favoriting
Life really throws you a curve ball every once in a while.

Also, at least for the first chapter, I'm going to avoid any major dialogue... in case you were wondering...

Also, Also, He's at a grocery store

PS: He's at a grocery store
I've had this in mind now for a little under a month now, and finally got around to doing it.

For the moment I've no plan for this to be an ongoing comic.
That is to say: Yes, there will be a definite ending, after a few chapters or so.

But for now, that shouldn't be a problem.

I intend to update this about twice a week. Though, like most web comics, I'll probably miss a few updates here and there due to the collective known as life.

Anyways, if you haven't read any of my other work, this might be a bit tricky to follow. That, or it might just be hard to follow regardless. Nevertheless, Thanks for even getting this far into it. Next update should come early next week.