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Accepting Author Applications

Anyone who has been on SJ for longer than a Year.
This is not a Post Everyday type of comic. This is one, in which the history of SJ will be recorded.
Apply as a Co-Author

Let's see how far we've come...

Welcome. This is a recollection of all our times here on SJ. Help us by adding your piece of SJ history to this tapestry. This is for those who have been to SJ for more than a year.
A list of those who have given their piece of history...

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I bet all these people forgot this comic even existed.
A comic page posted one year and two days after the other?

My intro.
Sigh... At least I thought I was one...
Respectable edit my ass. Anyway,
That is the link to the old HHW, if you are interested. My character wasn't the most important ever but meh.
Chaos is cute <3
Katty looks sexay
I wouldn't mind posting a history of my work.

Albeit, I haven't made leaps and bounds in sprite -creation- (customs, etc), but I definitely have improved in my comics...
December 27th, 2009
ur welcum
I think I had a winner in mind, then at some point during the making of the comic I decided to leave things open...
"Scripted comic".

What does that mean? You already know the winner when it starts?
Katty: Hey, Shard would be here to leave a comment, but she's too busy banging her head against a wall from the crappiness of this comic. If we really have 119 comics of this left to do... and that's only for the ORIGINAL Interplanetary Shadows... we have got some sort of serious crisis on our hands. Where's Damaru when you need him?

Damaru: I didn't exist for this comic, and only characters who actually showed up in the comic get to show up to critique it.

Katty: Ah, right. Well, yeah, you'll only see characters who have appeared at least once in the comic show up to point out how terrible it is. Keep in mind we'll also point out which characters are cameos, so have fun with that.
My Miku is better. ;D
Miku Avi FTW.*has on too*
Yoko is biggur, foo.
I really need to revamp my author sprites they kinda suck..... Anyway this is part of my timeline, the other part will come when I actually feel like working -_- This took forever I'm so busy.
Miku is just as big of a slut as Yoko.
I get my yoko back n-n