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Genre: Fantasy/Adventure/Comedy
Age Rating: A - All Ages (Comments NOT rated!)
Reading Direction: Left to Right
Yumi, an extremely violent and stubborn priestess, is desperately trying to find Ina, the leader of kitsune; magical foxes with the ability to change into any form they desire. But with only the kitsune capable of entering the spirit realm in which Ina resides, Yumi must somehow convince one to lead her there. And as their sworn enemy, that's not going to be easy...


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YES! Found it!
I remember a few years back i stumbled upon this beautiful comic...i lost contact and i spent easily 30 minutes googling "firefly in japanese" webcomic xD I'm just glad i found this again! please continue to post! It has inspired me to do one of my own eventually !
Yay! Its back!
Happy New Year! What a wonderful gift! This year is off to a promising start! :D
January 2nd, 2017
You are alive!

And Happy Nya Ear to you too, of course!

(Also, Jeeve's new look was basically a Christmas gift)
January 1st, 2017
Let's kick off the new year with webcomics! :D

January 1st, 2017
Wow, Smack Jeeves has a new look! How long has it been?!

Thanks for sticking with me. Even years later, I'm still working away on this comic, and I'm really grateful you're here.

Happy New Year Everybody!

October 30th, 2015
October 30th, 2015
Mmmm, it's weird. Calling someone firefly doesn't seem like an insulting name.
October 30th, 2015
I'm liking this so far.
October 15th, 2015
*Checks Smackjeeves*
New Hotarugari! YES!
*Checks page*
Oh wait, I'm a patron and have already seen this page a week ago... O.O

LOL That totally happened to me. XD
Trust building 101:
Putting a person in danger again and again tends to harm trust.
October 15th, 2015
Still working away, but drawing magical fox furniture is a lot of fun.

Oops. He needs to learn not to insult the people that just helped him. ...Or that own him!
September 9th, 2015
Yay, another page! And someone is about to get sat on...

Thanks goes out to all the fans of Hotarugari, but especially to those who've become patrons on Hoarugariā€™s Patreon---your pledges are really helping me to keep comic pages coming! And to show my thanks, patrons now get to see the newest page of Hotarugari an entire week before it goes public. Thanks again, everybody, it means the world to me!

June 28th, 2015
He also gets his jacket too! Their clothes and shoes are in that closet next to Hotaru, but since it's not shown in the comic, it could be magic. ;)
Waaaaait, how did Hotaru's shoes randomly apeer on his feet?
Yes! Do just pop out of no where and make my day so much brighter!
Both Naoki and you, Sal!
-sigh- I love this comic. Thanks for the update
And and I hope your feeling better soon!
June 25th, 2015
Caught the second worst flu of my life, but I'm feeling fine now! Back to drawing Hotarugari and my favorite tanuki!!

I really like your comic! Its funny and awesome!