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Pokeslaughter is about the adventures of a kid named ASH who just happened to wake up one day with some memories of a delightful version of the pokemon world hes in. Sadly, all of those good rated G adventures are nothing more then delusions and now he is getting out into the REAL world and trying to see what the TRUTH is that lies beneath its corruption. The series 'Pokemon' consists of the memories ash has in his head, how can he go from a perfect little world like that to a corrupt hell hole!? LETS WATCH AND SEE!


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y is everything static?
dat snorlax
January 19th, 2013
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
December 29th, 2012
O my god this drawing look so awosome they look invisible 8D
Omg..... U did not... U buried an onix into his ass...... I must be mentally ill for enjoying this...
MY AVATAR! oh wait....
Its.. so cute.. ;u;
Dude you're fucked up... I like that :D
^ This comment made me giggle
Maaaan, i just finished reading the whole comic... It was great. too sad it had to end earlier... i would have minded to to follow it for a few more years.
anyway, congratulations. i have been reading your satan's excrement comic for a while, and i must say your art style and twisted plots are really great. you have a big fan here in mexico.
Zibee wouldn't happen to be ditto would she?
Thats a really great question- one of my favorite questions ive ever been asked about the story so far :)

Hell progressed allot beyond what humans thought it was like because the demons in hell were able to selfishly adjust their world to make things easier and funner for themselves. Heaven on the other hand is very selfless- the angels just want to serve and obey and they wouldnt want to make anything eaiser on themselves by building heaven up into something different then what humans expect.
So heaven is sorta like what humans expect- the angels slave over them and give them everything they want no matter how ridiculous. I think if anything its an over exaggerated idea of heaven but its pretty similar to what people expect.

Dittochu is one freaky mother fucker haha
thanks for keeping up with meh satans excrement! I KNEW I COULD COUNT ON YEWWWW! *high five with ballsack*

and i wouldnt bring pokeslaughter back cuz i am just in love with how everything ended. I MEAN LOOK AT THIS PLACE. EVERYTHING IS COMPLETLY CORRUPTED haha this comic went out with a huge bang i wouldnt wanna ruin the ending with some halfassed continuation. :P GET IT!? HALF ASSED!
Dittochu is freaking me the FUCK out there!

I'm still keeping up with Satans Excrement, but I'm too lazy to log into Snafu to leave comments. :P

When I first saw the little thumbnail I just saw Year 2 and a picture of Ash and I was all like, "Holy Shit, He's bringing it back!" Sad that you're not, but maybe we will see Dittochu here and there in satans excrement.
That angel still looks creepy. But is heaven just like hell from satans excrement, not in the whole incredibly morbid side but the side in which it's different from what humans thought it would be. Kinda like fake and gay.
Its the 2 year anniversary of Pokeslaughter! So to celebrate I drew this- connecting the world of pokeslaughter to the world of my NEW COMIC satans excrement ITS ON SNAFU NOW u should check it out! ->

When we last left Ash and Ditto their entire world was collapsing and they died. My new comic is about the afterlife so I thought it would be interesting to draw this to show what happened after Ash & Ditto died. THEY WENT TO HEAVEN. Against all odds- they made it to heaven! But after experiencing all of the hell Ash just went through- he doesn't trust anything anymore. His entire life was a lie of a lie. NOTHING CAN BE TRUE to him anymore so he wont be able to enjoy heaven.
Ditto on the other hand will be in bliss.

Checkout my deviantart to stay in touch with me I MISS YOU!!!
Jarod (Guest)
September 16th, 2011
Bleak. I like it.
September 10th, 2011
you draw like one of the guys from snafu
September 1st, 2011
All I can say is... I lurv you Mosama for giving us this twisted work of art =']
I thought it was vice versa...